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When I left for work this morning it was 5 degrees Fahrenheit outside.  By the time I arrived, it had dropped to 1 degree Fahrenheit.  Brrrrr!  Tonight we are expecting 1″ to 3″ of snow.  I need to escape to a warm, sunny beach and feel the sand between my toes.  Revisiting my summer beach photos is just what I need to tide me over until “real” beach weather arrives!  “tide” me over….get it?  Just a little beach humor to help with the winter time blues!


I came upon this pretty farm on Sunday afternoon and had to pull over to snap a few.  I love barns and cows and together with the winter landscape, this scene was calling my name!  Winter is a beautiful time for photography!

My most favorite part about driving through Lancaster County, Pa. is hearing the clip-clop of a horse and buggy!  I love this scene with the backdrop of picturesque farms and Fall color!


In between a rainy morning and late afternoon sun there was a brief period of time when the clouds were changing quickly at the lake.  There was a slight breeze which created ripples on the water, yet the reflection was still pretty intense.  The Fall color was just a bonus!


Late afternoon sun splashes onto the trees at a local wildlife refuge this past weekend.  The air was perfectly still which resulted in crisp reflections on the water.  I’m a fan of perfectly still water for reflections, but I also love the colorful ripples that occur when there is a slight breeze in the Fall air.  When you see color like this, any weather condition is just about perfect for photography!