Evening in Lancaster County

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9929_Lancaster County 2013

Winter is my favorite time to visit Lancaster County, Pa.  The trees are bare and the fields cut back which allows the visitor a closer look at the beautiful barns and landscape.


Before the Big Thaw

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Daybreak … late December … fog …  a last glimpse of the snow before it melted on a 60+ degree day in Pennsylvania.  Some of the Oaks are still hanging on to their leaves and the evergreens are adding color to the otherwise dreary landscape.


A Quiet Place

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Nay Aug Park

A perfect spot for relaxing with a brand new book!


Fall in the Country

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2556_Palisades 2013

I love old barns …. especially red ones!  In my pre-pet photography days, I frequently went out in search of barns and great landscapes to photograph.  Finding barns isn’t so difficult, but finding pretty barns, in a nice setting, without a lot of clutter is a little more challenging.  Finding a red barn sitting beside a tree with bright yellow/orange leaves on a sunny Fall afternoon is like winning the lottery!

Lake Francis

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1837_Fall 2013

With heavy rain and wind in the forecast, I thought it might be good to head out yesterday to photograph the colors of Fall before all of the leaves are on the ground.  This is a scene from Lake Francis – outside of Hazleton, Pa.  I usually end up visiting this spot a week or two beyond peak color (not by choice, but because I forget to go!), but yesterday I was pleasantly surprised with the vivid reds, yellows, and oranges that I saw around the perimeter of the lake.  There were plenty of folks enjoying a hike, picnic and I even saw a couple having their engagement photos taken!  A great day for photography!

On the Lake

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0756_Fall 2013

A weekend canoe ride on the lake…what a peaceful way to spend an afternoon!

Fall 2013

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0906_Fall 2013

Nature’s splash of Fall color is emerging in my area.  Yesterday I visited 3 different lakes – all within about 10 miles of each other – and it was surprising to see the amount of variation in the color.  This image was made during a quick stop on the way home from lake #3.  I just couldn’t pass up that flash of orange-red as the late afternoon sun hit the trees.




Art in the Park

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Rose Garden_May 2013_wm

My dad was an artist.  He loved oil, acrylic and watercolor painting and spent many hours creating art that now hangs in my home.  We used to take day trips on weekends and when he saw something that he might like to paint, I would photograph the scene and he would use the image as a basis for creating his art, always adding special touches to make it his own.  When I saw this woman painting the dogwood trees on location at the park, it reminded me of my dad.  He would have loved this spot and in my mind he was there with his easel and paints, creatively capturing the colors of Spring on his canvas.

Pretty in Pink

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5965_Easton 2013

I haven’t had a “Whoa Stop!” moment in a while!  A “Whoa Stop!” moment is one that occurs when I’m driving along and see a scene that just HAS to be photographed!  This scene caught my eye as I was enroute to another location the other day.  I made a mental note that on the way home I needed to stop and take a few photos to capture the glory of Spring color.  No matter which direction I pointed my camera, the frame was filled with pink Cherry Blossom trees!  I felt that I needed an anchor element and this giant tree with the sprawling branches was my choice.  It was especially appealing because the large tree does not yet have any leaves and I like the contrast between that and the pinks and greens in the rest of the landscape.  Today was a very damp and dreary day in Eastern Pennsylvania and this image is just what I needed to get the week off to a cheerful start!

Foggy and Frozen II

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5593_Lake_Jan 2013

Here’s one more image from the lake during yesterday’s fog.  I’m not sure how thick the ice is, but I didn’t see any signs where folks had been ice fishing or ice skating.  Sometimes people even ride snowmobiles across the frozen lake.  I think I’ll stay on shore with my camera, thank you!

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