Category: Landscape


This is one of the most photographed spots at Longwood Gardens.  It seems there should be an “X” marked on the ground and a little sign that says “Kodak Photo Spot” so that everyone stops to take a photo here.  It is a beautiful location no matter what the season!  Typically I shy away from shooting images that make their way into most everyone’s portfolio because I’m looking for something unique, but I really do love this scene.


The tulip display at Longwood Gardens is always worth a visit.  The challenge is to come away with photos that don’t have people in them because the crowds are very large at this time of year!  I shot almost exclusively with my Lensbaby on this visit because I wanted a softer look to my images.


If only I could give up my real job and just be a beach bum!  I’d sit by the sea, listening to the sounds of the waves and gulls, and then wander the shore looking for seashells.  Just dreaming………!


I LOVE the ocean!  Being able to go to a dog show at the beach was the perfect day for me on Saturday in Wildwood, NJ since dogs and the beach are two of my most favorite things!  I had a difficult time choosing between photographing the dogs and going outside to see the ocean!  The day started out very rainy, so that helped me to decide to stay indoors and enjoy the show.  The convention center has floor to ceiling windows overlooking the beach and I found myself gazing out at the water quite often!  Later in the afternoon the rain stopped and the clouds began to clear.  I never did see the end of the dog show because the ocean was calling my name!  I love this image of the pier, wet sand, and boat in the distance.  There are even a few gulls thrown in for good measure!


Notes on the day.  #1 – snow geese are unpredictable.  #2 – pick your background first.  I’ve been watching the snow goose migration at Middle Creek for years and if there is one thing that is certain, it’s that snow geese are unpredictable!  One day they will be out of the park where you can’t access them to photograph and the next day they are on the lake or a few yards away feeding along the shoreline.  On this particular afternoon, just before dusk, they relocated to a field adjacent to a nice brick home which made a pretty background for their late afternoon flight.  Speaking of backgrounds, I try to position myself so that my photos have a darker background that will highlight the birds.  This spot was right on target.  I love the way the sun is illuminating the crops in the foreground.  How fun it would be to have my yard be a stopover point for migrating snow geese!