Falling for Fall

Late afternoon sun splashes onto the trees at a local wildlife refuge this past weekend.  The air was perfectly still which resulted in crisp reflections on the water.  I’m a fan of perfectly still water for reflections, but I also love the colorful ripples that occur when there is a slight breeze in the Fall air.  When you see color like this, any weather condition is just about perfect for photography!





The past few days my inbox has been filled with blessings and happy news as well as sadness.  I’ve shed tears for both and always find that being out in nature calms my soul.  I spent some time over the weekend enjoying the colorful foliage which included this reflection of trees in the lake.  It’s so important to spend time with those you love as much as possible.  All of those things that we think we must accomplish (but aren’t really all that important!) can wait because life is fleeting.


The Glory of Nature


I love my community all year round, but most especially now when nature shows off her Fall colors for all to see!  After some morning rain, the sun peeked out for a bit this afternoon and splashed the mountainside with glorious light and reflections on the lake!  Pure heaven!

Seashells In My Pocket

5192_AC 2014
It was a perfect summer weekend …. in the Fall.  An open the sunroof and sing with the radio kind of weekend!  What better adventure than to take a trip to the beach, right?  I spent Saturday in Atlantic City enjoying the sun, sand and surf …. oh, and a LOT of photography!  I even found some beautiful seashells on the beach where I used to spend my summer vacations as a child.  I filled my pockets and came home with not only a wet, sandy pocket, but great memories of a day at at the shore!


Wash Day

0021_Jul 27 2014


My parents did not have a clothes dryer.  All of the laundry was hung outside on the wash line to dry.  During winter and wet weather, we used wash lines in the basement.  I will always remember shaking the laundry in the summer before bringing it in the house to make sure there were no critters coming along for the ride.  Seeing this makeshift clothes line reminded me of the good old days when every yard had a wash line and the clothes came off the line hardly wrinkled and smelling fresh!