Category: Landscape


When I look at this image, I can smell the wonderfully fragrant lavender plants that filled the farm.  Imagine opening your windows on a summer morning and welcoming in that wonderful scent!  I’ve added 3 lavender plants to my garden and…with any luck…maybe I can do exactly that!


The turquoise doors on this barn caught my eye.  It’s not a color that you often see on a barn door.  I love it.  The moody sky was a bonus in this late afternoon drive through the country over the weekend.


Meanwhile, somewhere in Lancaster County, Pa. sits this beautiful farmhouse.  I can’t begin to tell you where it is because I have no idea.  I shot this image on one of those days when I was meandering along the back roads and enjoying the countryside.   I do remember that storms were expected and I was hoping for some moody skies to photograph, but that never happened.   I had to settle for a touch of blue sky with some wispy clouds floating above the farmland.

Gee, this sky looks pretty ominous, doesn’t it?  A storm was headed our way and it was time to take cover shortly after this image was recorded.  The place NOT to be in a thunder and lightning storm is underneath a bunch of trees!


It is so wonderful to leave the drab and dreary colors of winter behind and see the vibrant Spring hues!  A misty day brings out the color in the landscape, so it’s the perfect time to photograph.