Category: Landscape

It’s fun to allow the GPS to search for new and interesting places to visit.  I was driving home from a familiar destination recently and asked the GPS to search for parks near my route.  Lo and behold, within a short driving distance I arrived at this beautiful barn and nearby lake.  It was a great and very unexpected find.  Thank goodness for the GPS, though, or I would have had difficulty finding my way home again!  I was on many a back road and really had no idea where I was!


Several times a day on weekends, trains pass through this crossing filled with folks enjoying the Fall foliage.  There are always a lot of photographers lined up along the side of the road with still and video cameras poised to capture the event.  Today all was quiet between excursions and so I photographed the brilliant colors as I was driving over the tracks.  This location never disappoints in Fall.


The colors of the landscape change dramatically as the sun rises on the horizon.  This image was taken much earlier than the one from yesterday’s post that had an orange tone from the already risen sun.  In today’s photo, the sun had not yet become visible and the water was reflecting the blue, pink, orange and purple hues of the sky.  Gosh, I should get out with my camera this early more often!  It was so pretty and peaceful.  I love being the only person on the beach at this time of day!


If it weren’t for Gabriel and his 5:30 AM antics, you wouldn’t be looking at this photo right now.  Cats are known to sleep 18 hours a day – the other 6 hours (often in the middle of the night at our house!) are for playing.  On Saturday morning at 5:30, Gabriel thought it a fun idea to pull the curtain rod off the window frame, nails and all.  So, after hearing the crash at that ridiculous hour, I found myself searching in the carpet for the nails and then hammering the rod back in place.  As long as I was up and the sun was about to rise, I decided to head down to the Lake and see if there were any photo opportunities.  Getting out at sunrise is a rarity for me, so I was pleased to come home with a few images that made it worth the trip.  I love this scene of the early morning fishermen with their lines in the water waiting for the catch of the day.


My favorite area of Pennsylvania is Lancaster County.  I love the quiet country farms with pristine homes, rolling fields of crops, windmills, and animals.