Category: Landscape


The lavender is planted in rows – one row of purple and then one row of white across the garden.  The white plants weren’t in full bloom yet when I visited and so the colors were purple/green/purple/green, etc.  Imagine looking out of the windows from the farm across the road and seeing this beautiful field of color!  Breathtaking!


These tables are just waiting for folks to come along with red plaid tablecloths, picnic baskets, and yummy summertime food!  This image is from earlier this Spring when the grass was growing like crazy and the foliage was just coming out on the trees.  My favorite time of year!


Leading lines are those elements that ‘lead’ your eye to a particular part of an image.  In this case, the path and fence draw my eye toward the buildings.  The first building that I notice is the lighter stone building as the eye naturally goes to the brightest area of a photo first.  For me, however, there are enough bright areas in this image (building, white picket fence, clouds, frames of windows) for my eye to scan the whole scene and not focus on just one area.  This was a beautiful spot for photography!


Ahhh, wise words of wisdom from instructor John Barclay at my first-ever photography workshop many years ago, “When you see red, shoot it!”  The yellow wildflowers in the foreground were what drew me to the scene, but the red barn just pops against the new green leaves of Spring.  I love this picturesque spot in Berks County, Pa.


Some days the weather forecasters are right on target!  Today was one of those days.  A cold front was expected to move through the area this afternoon and bring rain, wind, and a dramatic change in temperature.  That’s exactly what happened.  The temperature was near 80 degrees in the early afternoon and dropped into the 50’s very quickly after the storm passed through.  I was out doing a little photography and made it to the car just before the raindrops started to fall!  The clouds were awesome this afternoon!