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Last week I posted a sunrise image that I shot while on my way to The National Dog Show.  Here’s the link
It featured layers of trees and rolling hills shrouded in early morning fog.  The scene above was what I saw when I turned around and looked to where the sun was rising over the farms behind me.  The sky was glowing and there was fog here as well – just settling in behind the trees.  In the foreground there were several different types of grasses which, due to the long lens I was using, are out of focus.  I would love your constructive criticism on this image.  I’m struggling with it a bit.  I think I would prefer if the grass was not in the foreground, however, there was no way to avoid that given my vantage point.  Your thoughts?

A dusting of snow would be a nice addition to this scene at the Christmas tree farm.  When I was little and we had a real tree, our family purchased it at a local outdoor lot where the trees were already cut, bundled and ready to go.  Every time I pass a lot with the bright light bulbs overhead and trees lined up, I think of dad and I going out to pick a tree while mom was at home getting all of the ornaments ready for decorating.  It was usually a Sunday afternoon and when we got home, dad would make sure the tree wasn’t too tall for the living room and then he would anchor it to the wall so it wouldn’t fall over.  Then mom and I spent the rest of the day decorating while dad watched football.  In the evening, dad would set up the train and I added the village around it.  Our display was complete!


The early bird gets the ….. sunrise photos!  I was on my way to The National Dog Show presented by Purina yesterday and couldn’t resist stopping to photograph the wonderful fog that had settled into the valley overnight.  The sun was rising in the East, but this was facing west and the sky was filled with the first hint of orange.  Pennsylvania’s weather is so unpredictable.  Yesterday afternoon the temperatures were in the upper 60’s and it was a wonderful day.  Overnight, a winter storm arrived, dropped a couple of inches of wet snow, and it’s currently 34 degrees in my back yard.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


There are plenty of photo opportunities in Lancaster County, Pa:  beautiful farms, rolling hills, horse and buggies, quaint villages, and more.  The challenge is often finding a place to pull over and photograph.  Most roads look like this one – narrow, winding, and with no where to pull off on the side of the road.  What to do?  In this case, my option was to stop dead in the middle of the road, put the 4-way flashing lights on, get out of the car and take photos!  Thankfully there were no other cars coming in either direction and I managed to take the shot I wanted.  Pretty as a picture!


I love photographing the beautiful farms and soft rolling hills of Lancaster County, Pa.  My dad loved to paint landscapes.  I remember him telling me as he painted that he had to be sure that the mountains, hills or trees toward the back of his scene were always softer and lighter in color than those in the front.  You can really see how true that is in this image. The foreground trees are crisp and vivid and the farms and hills looking from foreground to background continue to look lighter and less defined.  Fall in Lancaster County, Pa. is one of the prettiest places on earth!