Category: Landscape

Three of my favorite things….sailboats, reflections, and water lilies!  Nockamixon State Park in Bucks County, Pa. is a beautiful spot for relaxing on a lazy summer day!  There is even a swimming pool!  Many of the sailboats in the marina have wind chimes which are so delightful when there is a soft breeze!  I love visiting this lake!



As soon as I opened this image I saw the dark “spot” in the center/left (above the roof of the houses behind the farm).  I zoomed in a bit and lo and behold, it’s a bird flying over the landscape.  Question is….what type of bird?  It’s large and when zoomed, it just might have a white head.  How cool if I accidentally included a bald eagle in flight while photographing the Lancaster, Pa. scenery!


Pennsylvania is known for it’s rolling hillsides and farmland.  The added bonus of interesting clouds made this a scene worthy of photographing.  Hope everyone is enjoying as beautiful a summer weekend as we are having here in Pennsylvania!


When I look at this image, I can smell the wonderfully fragrant lavender plants that filled the farm.  Imagine opening your windows on a summer morning and welcoming in that wonderful scent!  I’ve added 3 lavender plants to my garden and…with any luck…maybe I can do exactly that!


The turquoise doors on this barn caught my eye.  It’s not a color that you often see on a barn door.  I love it.  The moody sky was a bonus in this late afternoon drive through the country over the weekend.