Category: Landscape

I can’t pass up a nice sunrise … even if I only photograph it with my iPhone.  With me enjoying first light were a few geese and ducks on the lake.  It was a beautiful way to start the day!

When I visited Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area last month at sunrise for the snow goose migration, WNEP-TV from Wilkes-Barre, Pa. was on hand to film a segment for Pennsylvania Outdoor Life.  Host Don Jacobs and Middle Creek Manager, Lauren Fenstermacher, along with WNEP’s cameraman were filming as the sun came up on a very cold morning.  The episode of PA Outdoor Life aired last night and guess who made a cameo appearance?  Me!  There I am in the screen shot on the left wearing the green parka and tan hat – right around the 4:46 minute mark in the video segment.  Here’s a link to watch the episode, which is a really great way to get a feel for sunrise during migration at Middle Creek.

This is a favorite old barn that I’ve photographed several times over the years.  Each time I visit, it appears that a little more TLC is needed to keep it going.  There used to be horses in this field at one time.  Now the fence that protected them is in need of repair.  I’m glad that I’ve gotten to know this old barn and had the opportunity to photograph it before it becomes too late.

As I was running errands on Saturday, I thought about this spot that I thought might offer some nice views of the valley after Friday’s snow.  What I wasn’t banking on was the amount of ice and snow cover on the narrow winding roads leading to the top of the hill.  The trek was a little bit of a nail biter, but I came away with a couple of images that I really like.  This is one of them.  There was just enough snow to allow the texture of the farm fields to be emphasized and the 3 trees were perfect accents.  The road, snowmobile tracks and shadows added a bit of extra interest.  With 10-18″ of snow predicted for early this coming week, I don’t think I’ll be trekking back up there for another shot any time soon!

I pass this pond every day and the water reflections are among my favorites to photograph anywhere!  Today was a snowy day, but as I was driving home, the sun came out and a bit of blue sky was peeking through the clouds.  Not more than 5 minutes after I took this photo, the sky became gray and it was snowing again like crazy!  Typical yet unpredictable Pennsylvania weather!  We even had thunder snow today!  Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel would have been going nuts – he LOVES thunder snow!