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Meanwhile, somewhere in Lancaster County, Pa. sits this beautiful farmhouse.  I can’t begin to tell you where it is because I have no idea.  I shot this image on one of those days when I was meandering along the back roads and enjoying the countryside.   I do remember that storms were expected and I was hoping for some moody skies to photograph, but that never happened.   I had to settle for a touch of blue sky with some wispy clouds floating above the farmland.

Gee, this sky looks pretty ominous, doesn’t it?  A storm was headed our way and it was time to take cover shortly after this image was recorded.  The place NOT to be in a thunder and lightning storm is underneath a bunch of trees!


It is so wonderful to leave the drab and dreary colors of winter behind and see the vibrant Spring hues!  A misty day brings out the color in the landscape, so it’s the perfect time to photograph.


When I looked at these bare trees in the midst of what seems like the longest winter ever, the word that came to mind was “craggy”.  To me it means rough and disheveled looking, but thought I’d search an online dictionary to be sure.  Merriam-Webster’s first definition was “having many crags”.  Well, that doesn’t help much …. what is a crag?  The second definition hit the nail on the head….”rough in a way that suggests strength”.  Yep, that’s what I was going for!


Actually, it was a cold and windy afternoon!  As the sun was setting on Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, the snow geese were returning to the frozen lake to roost for the night.  Throughout the day, they were feeding in the fields surrounding the lake.  All 75,000 of them.  A hardy bunch of birders and nature enthusiasts watched and photographed as the sky filled with snow geese, Canada geese and tundra swans.  This image shows the viewing area at Willow Point Trail – a favorite spot for photographers!