First Snow

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The first snow of the season usually involves some drama.  There are the folks who say “Hooray, snow!  Bring it on!”  Then there is the “Ugh, snow – how many months until Spring?” crowd.  Some of us think it’s beautiful while others think it’s just an annoyance.  I’m generally on the “How many months until Spring” side of the fence, but I do enjoy photographing at least the first snowfall nonetheless!  These two images were taken in my backyard last week and edited with Topaz Impression to add a painting effect.  I love the dark evergreen trees combined with the oak leaves that are still hanging on despite the winter cold.  Today we had a little more snow along with sleet and freezing rain!  Winter is definitely upon us, despite what the calendar says.  Enjoy nature’s ever-changing beauty!


Oaks and Maples

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I must admit that I thoroughly enjoy leaf clean up, but there is definitely a science to the task!  The day should be dry and most importantly, without wind!  Today was the day!  Goggles (check!), ear plugs (check!), rake (check!), leaf blower (check!), leaves….oh heavens yes!!  I am convinced that my neighbors are secretly bringing truck loads of leaves into my yard in the wee hours of the morning because, surprisingly, they have zero leaves on their driveway and I am ankle deep!  What’s up with that??!  I think my yard is a leaf magnet!


Watching the Clouds Drift By

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In between a rainy morning and late afternoon sun there was a brief period of time when the clouds were changing quickly at the lake.  There was a slight breeze which created ripples on the water, yet the reflection was still pretty intense.  The Fall color was just a bonus!


Falling for Fall

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Late afternoon sun splashes onto the trees at a local wildlife refuge this past weekend.  The air was perfectly still which resulted in crisp reflections on the water.  I’m a fan of perfectly still water for reflections, but I also love the colorful ripples that occur when there is a slight breeze in the Fall air.  When you see color like this, any weather condition is just about perfect for photography!




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The past few days my inbox has been filled with blessings and happy news as well as sadness.  I’ve shed tears for both and always find that being out in nature calms my soul.  I spent some time over the weekend enjoying the colorful foliage which included this reflection of trees in the lake.  It’s so important to spend time with those you love as much as possible.  All of those things that we think we must accomplish (but aren’t really all that important!) can wait because life is fleeting.


The Glory of Nature

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I love my community all year round, but most especially now when nature shows off her Fall colors for all to see!  After some morning rain, the sun peeked out for a bit this afternoon and splashed the mountainside with glorious light and reflections on the lake!  Pure heaven!

Morticia Addams Would Be Pleased

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Two days ago I had a beautiful basket of Fall mums on my front porch.  Today all that is left are stems!  For those old enough to remember The Addams Family TV show, you’ll recall that mom Morticia was fond of roses, but she cut off the flowers and only put the stems in the vase!  That’s pretty much the story of my flower basket at the moment, thanks to the obviously mum-loving deer that visit my yard on a regular basis.  Thank goodness I spent a little while photographing the pretty blooms the other day!  This is why we can’t have nice things in the garden!


Sweet Ride

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I can honestly say that I love my commute to work!  Not only is it a beautiful drive, but I have the opportunity to see LOTS of wildlife.  On my way home Monday, a flock of wild turkeys ran across the road in front of me, followed not too far behind by a raccoon!  This morning, I was treated to a bald eagle sighting on the road leading to my workplace.  What a majestic bird!  I saw it gliding across the sky near the river and wasn’t sure if it was an eagle or a hawk.  Then I saw the flash of white and the yellow beak and sure enough, it was a bald eagle!  No photos, unfortunately, but the photo in my mind is perfection!  This image is from yesterday’s afternoon drive home …. the colors are fabulous!  I added a touch of oil painting effect with Topaz Impression.  Happy Fall everyone!


Ruffled Feathers

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5157_AC 2014
Being by the sea is peaceful and calming.  I can sit and listen to the sounds of the waves and the gulls all day long and block out the rest of the world completely.  The sea mesmerizes me!  On this past Saturday, the gulls were playfully running first toward and then away from the waves as they came ashore….looking for morsels to nibble on in the foam and sand.


Seashells In My Pocket

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5192_AC 2014
It was a perfect summer weekend …. in the Fall.  An open the sunroof and sing with the radio kind of weekend!  What better adventure than to take a trip to the beach, right?  I spent Saturday in Atlantic City enjoying the sun, sand and surf …. oh, and a LOT of photography!  I even found some beautiful seashells on the beach where I used to spend my summer vacations as a child.  I filled my pockets and came home with not only a wet, sandy pocket, but great memories of a day at at the shore!


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