Until Morning…

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….when it’s time to say hello to the world again!


Forever at Sea

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8439_Point Pleasant 2014
This is my idea of a perfect way to spend a day …. being with friends and watching the waves roll in from the sea.


A Good Morning Indeed

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This is the first year that I’ve successfully grown Morning Glories – both from starter plants as well as seeds.  The rabbits have nibbled at the leaves, but the plants are still thriving.  Each morning I am greeted by these lovely pink and purple blossoms with delicate stems that twist around my metal trellis.


Beach Day

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8493_Point Pleasant 2014
I feel the need for another beach day coming on!
Ahhhh….to just be alone with your thoughts and the sea (and maybe a gull or two!)


Pink & Green

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8702_Spring 2 2014
Every now and again I have a chance to do some flower photography right in my own back yard.  Currently the honeysuckle is in bloom and calling me to not only photograph, but just enjoy the delightful fragrance.  Last month the Bleeding Hearts were commanding my attention.


What’s In Bloom?

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8646_May 2014
I was happy to find this flower in bloom in one of the containers on my back porch over the weekend.  This perennial hasn’t bloomed in several years and after the harsh winter of 2014, I wasn’t expecting to see it this year either.  What a delightful surprise!


No Shoes Required

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8398_Point Pleasant 2014

Nope … never get tired of walking along the beach … looking for seashells, watching the gulls, dipping my toes in the ocean!

My Happy Place…

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8402_Point Pleasant 2014

…is anywhere near the ocean!  What a great sky day in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ!

Before the Big Thaw

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Daybreak … late December … fog …  a last glimpse of the snow before it melted on a 60+ degree day in Pennsylvania.  Some of the Oaks are still hanging on to their leaves and the evergreens are adding color to the otherwise dreary landscape.


Best Tree House

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Isn’t this the best tree house ever?  The colorful Fall landscape surrounding it isn’t so bad either!


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