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Fall Collage 2015

When I glanced out of the window this morning I could see that there was low hanging mist in the direction of the lake.  On my way out the door, I grabbed the camera and made a quick stop at the beach for a few photos before the sun burned off the fog. What a pretty morning!


The Japanese Maple tree in my yard is quite a show-stopper.  It has burgundy leaves throughout the summer and as if to show off for the world before winter, the leaves turn vivid red right before they drop to the ground.  It’s quite the opposite of the other trees which display their pretty orange, yellow and red colors first, then turn brown and fall.  I usually wait until the Japanese Maple has dropped all of its leaves before I begin raking.  I love seeing the bright red mixed with the brown oak leaves and sprigs of grass.  Today I was feeling a little artsy and so I processed this image with Topaz Impression and gave it a painting-like effect.

It was late in the afternoon and the light was fading fast.  I was headed for a nature preserve where I anticipated nice Fall color for landscape photography.  The GPS and local signage let me down as I drove well beyond the expected mileage to reach my destination.  Thankfully, I came across this lovely property and stopped for a couple quick photos.  Sometimes getting lost has it’s advantages!



Here’s another way to ensure your privacy!  Forget about curtains…..just allow a leafy vine to cover the windows of your house!  I love the mixture of Summer and Fall colors in the leaves!


While I was out photographing Fall color over the weekend, I visited a lake that had plenty of ducks and geese.  Mostly all of the ducks were Mallards, and then there was this little Merganser.  I haven’t seen this species before, so I was able to add it to my “Life List”.