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The first snow of the season usually involves some drama.  There are the folks who say “Hooray, snow!  Bring it on!”  Then there is the “Ugh, snow – how many months until Spring?” crowd.  Some of us think it’s beautiful while others think it’s just an annoyance.  I’m generally on the “How many months until Spring” side of the fence, but I do enjoy photographing at least the first snowfall nonetheless!  These two images were taken in my backyard last week and edited with Topaz Impression to add a painting effect.  I love the dark evergreen trees combined with the oak leaves that are still hanging on despite the winter cold.  Today we had a little more snow along with sleet and freezing rain!  Winter is definitely upon us, despite what the calendar says.  Enjoy nature’s ever-changing beauty!


I must admit that I thoroughly enjoy leaf clean up, but there is definitely a science to the task!  The day should be dry and most importantly, without wind!  Today was the day!  Goggles (check!), ear plugs (check!), rake (check!), leaf blower (check!), leaves….oh heavens yes!!  I am convinced that my neighbors are secretly bringing truck loads of leaves into my yard in the wee hours of the morning because, surprisingly, they have zero leaves on their driveway and I am ankle deep!  What’s up with that??!  I think my yard is a leaf magnet!


In between a rainy morning and late afternoon sun there was a brief period of time when the clouds were changing quickly at the lake.  There was a slight breeze which created ripples on the water, yet the reflection was still pretty intense.  The Fall color was just a bonus!


Late afternoon sun splashes onto the trees at a local wildlife refuge this past weekend.  The air was perfectly still which resulted in crisp reflections on the water.  I’m a fan of perfectly still water for reflections, but I also love the colorful ripples that occur when there is a slight breeze in the Fall air.  When you see color like this, any weather condition is just about perfect for photography!




The past few days my inbox has been filled with blessings and happy news as well as sadness.  I’ve shed tears for both and always find that being out in nature calms my soul.  I spent some time over the weekend enjoying the colorful foliage which included this reflection of trees in the lake.  It’s so important to spend time with those you love as much as possible.  All of those things that we think we must accomplish (but aren’t really all that important!) can wait because life is fleeting.