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9964_Mar 2015
It’s been a long, cold winter, not only for humans, but for wildlife as well.  The ground has been snow covered for months and food is likely scarce. I’ve been filling my feeders with sunflower and wild bird seed, corn, and suet.  Not only do the birds love it, but so do the squirrels, deer, and a raccoon or two!  The deer are especially hungry.  They visit my feeders nightly and look in the window to find me if they are empty.  When seeds are scarce, they take to eating any green vegetation that they can find.  My Yew and holly bushes are nearly devoid of foliage.  I hope they survive.  Over the weekend, I spent a little time photographing birds at the feeders.  This is a Tufted Titmouse perched on one of the remaining branches of the Yew bush that is green.  Such a pretty little bird!



Lancaster County, Pennsylvania offers a glimpse into the simpler way of life of the Amish.  The contrasts in lifestyle within this part of the state are eye opening.  Do we really need all of the technology that most feel are necessary today?  When you take a step back and look, REALLY look, at the world you live in (minus all of the man-made distractions), you can appreciate even the coldest and snowiest of winter days and the beauty that is all around.

9310_Feb 2015

Not more than 2′ from the bedroom window is a Yew bush that houses a bird feeder.  The bush offers the birds a little bit of protection from the elements while they dine.  Because the feeder is only about 4 or 5 feet off of the ground, it also attracts deer!  This is good news for Brewster and Savannah!  Not only do they have an opportunity to watch their feathered friends dart in and out for seeds, but deer regularly visit the feeder as well – especially at night!  Whenever the motion light turns on, Brewster and Savannah race to the window to watch a real live version of “Animal Planet”.  This was 11:30 PM last night.  The snow was falling and it was blustery and cold, but the deer are hungry and they came to say hello and have a snack!


…in a one horse open sleigh…o’er the fields we go…laughing all the way!  This scene in Lancaster County, Pa. was Christmas card worthy!  While I expect to see a horse and buggy as I am traveling through the countryside, I was thrilled with the unexpected surprise of seeing a horse-drawn sleigh on a winter afternoon!  I added a painting effect to the photo with Topaz Impression.

9125_Lancaster County 2015

A winter sunset in Lancaster County, Pa.  What a gorgeous part of the state any time of year, but especially in winter.  The landscape is dotted with farms, silos, creeks, old barns, cows, horses, and winding country roads.  On my latest visit, I turned off the GPS and followed a horse and buggy onto a narrow road high above the countryside.  Lost in the photo opportunities before me, it was a beautiful way to end the day!