Before the Big Thaw

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Daybreak … late December … fog …  a last glimpse of the snow before it melted on a 60+ degree day in Pennsylvania.  Some of the Oaks are still hanging on to their leaves and the evergreens are adding color to the otherwise dreary landscape.


Best Tree House

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Isn’t this the best tree house ever?  The colorful Fall landscape surrounding it isn’t so bad either!


A Walk in the Park

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Last weekend:  beautiful Fall color at the park

Today:  ‘flo snurries’


Meanwhile, back at the wildlife park…

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3765_Crowned Crane_2013

I met several Crowned Cranes at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park.  They are unique, beautiful, and the texture of their feathers is amazing!

A Quiet Place

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Nay Aug Park

A perfect spot for relaxing with a brand new book!


Fall in the Country

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2556_Palisades 2013

I love old barns …. especially red ones!  In my pre-pet photography days, I frequently went out in search of barns and great landscapes to photograph.  Finding barns isn’t so difficult, but finding pretty barns, in a nice setting, without a lot of clutter is a little more challenging.  Finding a red barn sitting beside a tree with bright yellow/orange leaves on a sunny Fall afternoon is like winning the lottery!

Lake Francis

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1837_Fall 2013

With heavy rain and wind in the forecast, I thought it might be good to head out yesterday to photograph the colors of Fall before all of the leaves are on the ground.  This is a scene from Lake Francis – outside of Hazleton, Pa.  I usually end up visiting this spot a week or two beyond peak color (not by choice, but because I forget to go!), but yesterday I was pleasantly surprised with the vivid reds, yellows, and oranges that I saw around the perimeter of the lake.  There were plenty of folks enjoying a hike, picnic and I even saw a couple having their engagement photos taken!  A great day for photography!

On the Lake

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0756_Fall 2013

A weekend canoe ride on the lake…what a peaceful way to spend an afternoon!

Fall 2013

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0906_Fall 2013

Nature’s splash of Fall color is emerging in my area.  Yesterday I visited 3 different lakes – all within about 10 miles of each other – and it was surprising to see the amount of variation in the color.  This image was made during a quick stop on the way home from lake #3.  I just couldn’t pass up that flash of orange-red as the late afternoon sun hit the trees.




First Bloom

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3612_Water Lily 2013

One of my most favorite flowers is the water lily and I am fortunate enough to have a small pond in the garden with one plant that produces several blooms each summer.  The first water lily opened yesterday and I was anxious to go out and photograph the flower as they only last a few days.  So bright and early this morning I went outside, hoping to grab a few shots before the sun became too harsh.  I lasted about 3 minutes in the garden before the pesky cicadas began to fly at me.  See, the cicadas have very good eyesight – they have 5 eyes! – but they seem to think that everything that they land on is a tree.  Dear cicadas …. I am NOT a tree!!  So, after only a few photographs, I headed back inside as even though they are harmless, I would not be a happy camper if a cicada landed on me!  I was pleased with this image and thought it deserved a spot on the blog!  Hopefully the next time a flower opens the cicadas will be gone and I’ll have ample opportunity to photograph!

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