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It’s been one of the warmest summers on record and there are still plenty of flowers blooming even though the calendar tells us it is Fall.  I’m really going to miss all of this color when the landscape turns gray and somewhat gloomy.  But first, I must take time to enjoy summer’s last hurrah and the explosion of Fall color that is right around the corner!


It was a beautiful evening in the garden!  The sun was shining, but slowly dipping behind the hill.  The flowers were glowing in the warm light.  I changed lenses many times in this place where the flowers were plentiful, but not totally accessible for macro photography.  This image was shot with the Lensbaby Velvet 56 at f/1.8.  I would have loved the background to be even more out of focus than it is, but still I’m happy with the softness of this image and the burst of color throughout.


Numbers of Monarch butterflies have dropped by over 90 percent in the last few decades, but there are things we can all do to help them survive!  Plant native Milkweed in your garden.  Milkweed is the only plant that the Monarch larvae eat and it’s the only plant where Monarchs will lay their eggs.  Without Milkweed, Monarchs will not survive!  Think about creating a butterfly habitat in your garden by providing food (Milkweed), water, an area for protection, and never use pesticides!


I enjoy adding new plants to my garden.  About 10 years ago, I planted a Trumpet Vine and encouraged it to trail over a fence in my back yard.  The tube-like flowers attract hummingbirds.  The plant has always been full and green, but never developed any flowers.  About 2 weeks ago as I was puttering in the garden, I noticed a cluster of 4 flower buds!  These were the very first flowers after 10 years of waiting and hoping!  I was so excited!  The other night I went back out to the garden with plans to photograph the flowers.  To my dismay, 3 of them were gone and only one remained!  The deer must have been as excited to see the new flowers as I was!  Thankfully the one remaining flower was open and I had a chance to take a few photos.  If anyone has this plant in their garden, I would love some advice on how to encourage more flowers.  I read that the plant must mature before it blooms, so maybe this year was the start of great things to come!


The colors of the landscape change dramatically as the sun rises on the horizon.  This image was taken much earlier than the one from yesterday’s post that had an orange tone from the already risen sun.  In today’s photo, the sun had not yet become visible and the water was reflecting the blue, pink, orange and purple hues of the sky.  Gosh, I should get out with my camera this early more often!  It was so pretty and peaceful.  I love being the only person on the beach at this time of day!