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The turquoise doors on this barn caught my eye.  It’s not a color that you often see on a barn door.  I love it.  The moody sky was a bonus in this late afternoon drive through the country over the weekend.


Meanwhile, somewhere in Lancaster County, Pa. sits this beautiful farmhouse.  I can’t begin to tell you where it is because I have no idea.  I shot this image on one of those days when I was meandering along the back roads and enjoying the countryside.   I do remember that storms were expected and I was hoping for some moody skies to photograph, but that never happened.   I had to settle for a touch of blue sky with some wispy clouds floating above the farmland.

0156_Jun 2015

It was a Sunday morning buffet for this deer that visited my garden today.  First she nibbled on my trumpet vine, then some weeds, and finally she dined on my Spirea bush (the flowers in the foreground).  The fake heron was keeping an eye on her, but that didn’t deter the chomping!  Oh sure, I could have tapped on the window to scare her away, but the reason I love living where I do is because it’s so close to nature.  I wouldn’t have it any other way!

0144_Jun 2015


This is the first water lily bloom in my pond this season and keeping the flower company was a cute little grasshopper sitting on a lily pad.  I shot this image with the Lensbaby Velvet 56 and added a little painting effect to soften the image even more.  For me, the softer the better!


I was in the garden for about 5 minutes today before I reached my limit.  My area has been invaded by gypsy moth caterpillars and it is not pleasant to be outside.  Not only are the furry caterpillars all over the house, plants and ground, but they are in the trees and eating all of the leaves.  Many trees in my yard are leafless and it looks like winter!  When you are outside you can hear what sounds like raindrops, but it’s actually the caterpillar poop falling from the trees.  OMG!  The bright spot in all of this is that I have some pretty flowers blooming in my garden.  Only problem …. I don’t want to go outside to photograph them!  Here’s a quick daisy image from my 5 minute garden excursion today!