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We’ve had a LOT of rain this summer in my neck of the woods.  Just yesterday we received over an inch.  It was torrential at times!  In some ways the garden has been thriving (the weeds are growing like crazy!) and then there are the plants and flowers that don’t like too much water.  Here’s one that tolerates wet soil nicely …. with a rain droplet on the petal.

Three of my favorite things….sailboats, reflections, and water lilies!  Nockamixon State Park in Bucks County, Pa. is a beautiful spot for relaxing on a lazy summer day!  There is even a swimming pool!  Many of the sailboats in the marina have wind chimes which are so delightful when there is a soft breeze!  I love visiting this lake!



Ever since visiting the lavender farm, I’ve become a lavender-aholic!  I bought a couple of plants for my garden, but am not feeling very successful so far.  One died and the other isn’t looking so great.  The leaves are turning brown at the bottom of the plant.  Too much water, not enough water, too much sun, not enough sun, poor soil?  Who knows!  Here’s a photo of one of the plants just before the flowers opened.  (Shot with the Lensbaby Velvet 56)  All lavender growing tips welcome!


Pennsylvania is known for it’s rolling hillsides and farmland.  The added bonus of interesting clouds made this a scene worthy of photographing.  Hope everyone is enjoying as beautiful a summer weekend as we are having here in Pennsylvania!


I am a huge fan of contrasting textures in photography.  For example, this old weathered barn with the chipped and faded paint vs. the soft delicate orange lilies that are growing beside it.  I see so many of these orange flowers as I’m driving around the countryside in the summer.  I’m told that some grow wild and those are called Tiger Lilies or Ditch Lilies.  The ones that we buy at the garden center are typically Daylilies.  Daylilies bloom for just a day and are pretty much carefree in the garden. I was happy to have these orange lilies add a punch of color to this distressed barn.