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Don’t you think that this scene would make an awesome jigsaw puzzle?  I love putting together jigsaw puzzles and really believe that in doing so, you help train your eye to see color, pattern and texture variations in the world around you.  As you examine the puzzle pieces, you begin to observe the slight differences in color as your eye moves across the scene.  You notice patterns and textures that you may overlook if you were not scrutinizing every square inch of the image trying to match pieces. Maybe if I move the wooden box and bunny statue, I could put together a puzzle right on that table while enjoying the garden around me!  🙂


To date, Coneflowers have not been successful in my garden.  They are one of my favorites, so I haven’t stopped trying.  I’m thinking that there might not be enough sun where I’ve planted them in the past.  Next time they will be in the sunniest spot in the garden!  In the meantime, I’ll photograph other people’s Coneflowers!  🙂


It’s a banner year for my clematis.  I’m not sure why, but this year it is spectacular with more blooms than I’ve ever had before.  Could it be the mild winter, rainy spring and now warm summer?  I’m not sure, but this little plant has been the focal point of my front yard for the last few weeks!


I thought that I was photographing a window pane and flowers.  Then it dawned on me that the person on the other side of the window was wearing the same outfit and had the same camera as I did.  For crying out loud, it was mirrored glass in that window pane!  Who knew?  Duh!


Why buy daisies at the garden center when they grow wild in my back yard?