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…May flowers, of course!  Even a rainy day in May is epic at the local garden center!  There are so many wonderful plants and flowers that I want to bring home for my garden!  I saw Mr. Groundhog in the front yard the other evening and so I don’t know how many flowers would survive once he finds out that the garden buffet is open for dinner!

It’s always Spring at Longwood Gardens!


It was refreshing to spend time at Longwood Gardens and be among serious flower photographers!  Visitors had some pretty impressive equipment in the Conservatory and along the Garden Walk where the tulip display was in full bloom.  More and more often, photographers who shoot with more than a cell phone or point and shoot camera are discriminated against for having quality equipment. Many public events (such as concerts, etc.) don’t permit cameras with interchangeable lenses and some don’t allow photography at all.  This has even seeped into the dog show world where I have been asked on several occasions not to photograph, but others with smaller cameras were allowed to take photos as much as they wanted.  It is very disheartening.


Just one of the gorgeous flowers currently blooming in the Conservatory at Longwood Gardens.  Handheld with the Lensbaby Velvet 56.


The tulip display at Longwood Gardens is always worth a visit.  The challenge is to come away with photos that don’t have people in them because the crowds are very large at this time of year!  I shot almost exclusively with my Lensbaby on this visit because I wanted a softer look to my images.