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Yes, I am absolutely counting the days until Spring!  I can’t wait!  Birds singing, flowers blooming, a warm breeze, and driving with the sunroof open!  That’s what I call a perfect day!  It won’t be long….we just have to endure a few more snowstorms and some cold weather, but we can do it!  Just think of the cold and snowy weather as a temporary inconvenience!

Two days ago I had a beautiful basket of Fall mums on my front porch.  Today all that is left are stems!  For those old enough to remember The Addams Family TV show, you’ll recall that mom Morticia was fond of roses, but she cut off the flowers and only put the stems in the vase!  That’s pretty much the story of my flower basket at the moment, thanks to the obviously mum-loving deer that visit my yard on a regular basis.  Thank goodness I spent a little while photographing the pretty blooms the other day!  This is why we can’t have nice things in the garden!


Honeysuckle Collage Sept 24 2014
I love it when nature surprises me!  I glanced out of my window overlooking the garden this evening and saw a honeysuckle flower in full bloom!  I couldn’t believe it!  Normally this plant blooms in May, not September!  I was out in the garden in a flash with my camera … not only hoping to photograph one of my favorite flowers, but to enjoy the sweet honeysuckle fragrance that I love so much as well.  I noticed that the vine has many green berries, too, which I never noticed before.  The birds will love them this winter!

Early this morning I had another garden surprise, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see what it was!  :-)


4583_Sep 21 2014
As Fall begins and the days and nights become cooler, I’m already beginning to miss the abundance of flowers in my garden.  I am taking advantage of every last opportunity to photograph the blooms that remain before they go to sleep for the winter.


0883_Coneflower 2014
Just playing with my Lensbaby and some textures on this rainy Saturday afternoon.  This image began with a Lensbaby macro shot of a white coneflower converted to black and white with Nik software.  Then a purple texture was added and finally a design texture on top.