First Bloom

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3612_Water Lily 2013

One of my most favorite flowers is the water lily and I am fortunate enough to have a small pond in the garden with one plant that produces several blooms each summer.  The first water lily opened yesterday and I was anxious to go out and photograph the flower as they only last a few days.  So bright and early this morning I went outside, hoping to grab a few shots before the sun became too harsh.  I lasted about 3 minutes in the garden before the pesky cicadas began to fly at me.  See, the cicadas have very good eyesight – they have 5 eyes! – but they seem to think that everything that they land on is a tree.  Dear cicadas …. I am NOT a tree!!  So, after only a few photographs, I headed back inside as even though they are harmless, I would not be a happy camper if a cicada landed on me!  I was pleased with this image and thought it deserved a spot on the blog!  Hopefully the next time a flower opens the cicadas will be gone and I’ll have ample opportunity to photograph!


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8360_Spring 2013

I love Bleeding Hearts and am happy to report that the plant that I added to my garden last Spring is flourishing!  The problem, however, is that as I get older, it’s more difficult to get down on the ground to photograph them.  Maybe I’m just out of practice!  I hope this plant gets nice and tall (or that I somehow become more limber) so that photographing these beauties isn’t such a challenge!

We Interrupt This Programming…

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0502_Spring 2013_frame
….to post a non-dog/cat image!  Since Spring has sprung, I thought a trip to the garden center was in order.  Somehow I can’t get through the season without adding some new tulip, daffodil or hyacinth bulbs to my collection.  I noticed that the bulbs I planted in the Fall have magically disappeared and there are now holes in the ground where they used to be, thanks most likely to the squirrels who have relocated them for me!  This image was shot with the Lensbaby 3G plus a macro lens.  I’m a huge Lensbaby fan as it lends a softness to the image in all areas surrounding the sweet spot which in this case is the lower part of the tulip on the left. 
Spring is definately a photographer’s best friend!

Lunch Time Surprise

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My most favorite flower is the water lily.  Back before dog photography became my passion, I spent quite a lot of time photographing at the Longwood Gardens water lily ponds in Kennett Square, Pa.  It’s still a place I dearly love visiting, even though I haven’t been there for several years.  I have a small pond in my garden with one water lily plant.  It’s the treasure of my garden even though it only produces 3 or 4 flowers each summer.  They appear for a very short time so photo opportunities are limited.  On top of the small number of flowers, there is also the fact that the blossoms are closed when I leave for work in the morning, open during the day, and closed again by the time I get home.  So unless the flowers are in bloom on a weekend, I don’t get to enjoy them very much.  When I came home for lunch yesterday, I glanced out of the window and there was a beautiful water lily waiting to greet me.  I grabbed my camera and took a few images before heading back to work.  This is one of them – converted to black and white.  The flowers are a very light yellow with a deeper yellow center.  Just lovely!

Lensbaby Lilies

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I spent a little while last evening photographing the lilies in my garden with the Lensbaby.  The Lensbaby has become my very favorite lens for flower photography as I just love the way everything except the “sweet spot” is softly diffused.  The fragrance from these flowers was delightful….the mosquito bites I received from my time in the garden, not so much!  Below is another Lensbaby lily image with a little bit of texture added.


What’s In Bloom

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This afternoon I spent a little while photographing the flowers in my garden.  My most favorite, Honeysuckle, is in bloom and the fragrance in the garden is delightful!  With the mild winter and lots of rain we’ve had this spring, my flowers are blooming better than ever!  The Honeysuckle is starting to fade, so I wanted to snap a few images before it is too late.  When I came back in the house, I turned on the computer and visited some of my favorite blogs.  I found a beautiful post by my friend, Sam Gray, featuring a Honeysuckle.  Check out his post here and be sure to visit his photo blog often – his work is amazing:
Below are some more images of “What’s In Bloom” currently in my garden:  Clematis, Daisy and Spirea.

Garden Treasures

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I love visiting the garden center in Spring.  I’ve been there 3 or 4 times already this season and have come home with not only top soil, but a few new treasures for my garden -  Bleeding Heart, Columbine and Iris plants.  The other day I took along my Olympus point & shoot camera in the hopes of capturing the feeling of the garden center overflowing with spring color.  Along the way I found this still life scene and thought it would be fun to process with a bit of a watercolor effect.  This scene just says Springtime to me!  P.S.  Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms and doggie-moms!

Where Are The Dogs?

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What…no dog image?  No!  I thought I would change things up for today and post some images that I took in my garden this afternoon.  My Bleeding Hearts, Columbine, and some yet unidentified purple flowers that are actually weeds are in full bloom, so I brought out the Lensbaby and macro lenses and had some fun in less than ideal conditions.  What do you try to avoid when photographing flowers outside?  Well, nighttime would be one thing….but WIND is the other!  Unless you are going for a purposely blurred look created by moving flowers, that is.  Today there was a bit of wind and the bleeding hearts were on the move.  They grow on fine stems that wiggle at the slightest breeze, so it’s best to photograph them on a really calm day…which rarely happens.  Also rare is finding bleeding hearts that are perfectly aligned in a row.  So today I concentrated on the “heart” portion of the flowers!  A couple more images from the garden are below….  Notice the little critter hitching a ride on the bottom flower.

Happy Easter & Passover

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Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and Passover! 
A visit to the garden center today resulted in some new tulips for my garden.  It was very windy and so I didn’t have much opportunity to photograph them, but here’s a favorite image from my brief session with the macro lens.  All of my favorite colors are in this image – lavender, pink, peach, & teal. 

According to the Grocery Store…

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…it’s Spring!  Whoo hoo!  Yesterday they had potted hyacinths, tulips, daffodils, and bluebells!  It’s a good thing they don’t charge for sniffing the plants because I would be in trouble [and have a very large grocery bill because I was loving the fragrance!].  I guess it’s also a good thing they don’t charge for squeezing fruits and vegetables because I’d be in trouble for that, too!   I just had to bring home a little bit of springtime to put on my windowsill. I took a few photos with the Lensbaby while it was still bright enough.  Love these soft pastel colors!  Happy Spring a couple months early!  Spring officially begins on March 20th…..only 57 more days!  Time to start my countdown!  :-)

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