Category: Flowers


Dried lavender flowers have a fantastic fragrance and can be used for so many things!  Did you know that rubbing lavender on your skin will help repel mosquitoes?  Dried lavender flowers can be used in tea, sachets, candles, salad dressing, soaps, lotions, potpourri, and so much more!


The owners of Carousel Lavender Farm in Bucks County, PA get it!  For one day only, they opened at 6:00 AM and stayed open until 9:00 PM so that photographers could come to the farm and shoot in the best light of the day!  I visited in the early evening and the light kept getting better and better as sunset approached.  It was a wonderful time of day to experience the garden!  Of course I came home with a few presents from the gift shop … some lovely lavender soaps and a pretty vase!  The best gift of all, however, was enjoying the beautiful flowers and delightful lavender fragrance that filled the summer air!



My favorite time in the garden is when the honeysuckle vine is in full bloom.  The bees and hummingbirds love these flowers and so do I.  I just found a different variety online that blooms Spring to Fall so I may have to add that to the garden for next year so that we can enjoy the fragrance all summer long!


The Columbine flowers were beautiful at Longwood Gardens back in April.  I chose to shoot with just one lens all day – my Lensbaby Velvet 56 – all handheld.  Quite a different experience from my earlier visits to Longwood when I almost always shot with my 100mm macro and a tripod.  Assigning yourself a project is a great way to break out of a photographic slump!



…May flowers, of course!  Even a rainy day in May is epic at the local garden center!  There are so many wonderful plants and flowers that I want to bring home for my garden!  I saw Mr. Groundhog in the front yard the other evening and so I don’t know how many flowers would survive once he finds out that the garden buffet is open for dinner!