Category: Flowers

I wonder if the stairway to Heaven looks like this?  Pretty paved steps, a rustic wooden fence, beautiful flowers and ferns along the sides … and waiting at the top, all of our family, friends and pets that have gone before us.  Oh, I hope it looks just like this!


I love the curve of this Speedwell and the gradual variation in the amount of bloom from one end to the other.  The new flower bursting forth from the leaves on the bottom right is a bonus!


The bumble bees love purple Allium.  I’ve never tried growing this flower in my garden, but I think I will need to put it on my list to add for next year.



Don’t you think that this scene would make an awesome jigsaw puzzle?  I love putting together jigsaw puzzles and really believe that in doing so, you help train your eye to see color, pattern and texture variations in the world around you.  As you examine the puzzle pieces, you begin to observe the slight differences in color as your eye moves across the scene.  You notice patterns and textures that you may overlook if you were not scrutinizing every square inch of the image trying to match pieces. Maybe if I move the wooden box and bunny statue, I could put together a puzzle right on that table while enjoying the garden around me!  🙂


To date, Coneflowers have not been successful in my garden.  They are one of my favorites, so I haven’t stopped trying.  I’m thinking that there might not be enough sun where I’ve planted them in the past.  Next time they will be in the sunniest spot in the garden!  In the meantime, I’ll photograph other people’s Coneflowers!  🙂