Year-End Walk

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It was a cold and blustery day today, but that is perfect weather for this Husky and his owner who were out for a walk in Historic Bethlehem, Pa.   In contrast to the days before Christmas, the streets of downtown Bethlehem were a little empty, even though the Christmas carols were still being played throughout the shopping district.  Everyone was inside the beautifully decorated stores or the elegant Hotel Bethlehem, trying to stay warm.  I must admit, I didn’t stay outside very long myself!  Brrrrr! 
[Note:  this image was processed with a bit of pastel and watercolor effect]

Soap & Lotion

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Today’s post is a little break from the doggie world.  Here’s an image of some pretty glassware that I thought was an interesting scene from a recent shopping excursion.  Processing included PhotoShop, Topaz and a texture layer. 

Eckley Homes

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One of the places I visited last weekend in search of Fall color was Eckley Miners’ Village in NE Pennsylvania.  Not much color in the leaves but there is always plenty to photograph in this tiny little historic spot.  It’s worth a visit any time of year.  At one time there were 2 streets, now only one, and over 1,000 residents.  Today only some of the homes are inhabited while others remain as historic landmarks. 

Hotel Bethlehem

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The Hotel Bethlehem, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is built on an historic site dating back to 1741.  It sits on beautiful Main Street where many quaint shops and grand buildings line the picturesque street.  The hotel is thought to be haunted as guests and staff have reported strange happenings such as sightings in mirrors, apparitions, vacuums being turned on an off, a feeling of being tapped on the shoulder, pens dropping onto the front desk, etc.  Some guests have even asked to leave early because of their experiences.  The ghosts that haunt Hotel Bethlehem are believed to be from the Victorian and Colonial eras.  One ghost is believed to be a little girl who grew up in the hotel and, while her life was filled with scandal and sadness, her happiest days were spent at Hotel Bethlehem.  If you ever visit this hotel, be on the lookout for unexplainable events! 

But, but, but…..!

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But Santa, I wanted something shiny & new to carry my camera gear around in!!  Sigh…maybe next year!

Smiling Pumpkin

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This image was taken on a recent jaunt through Jim Thorpe, Pa.  I took one lens – my Canon 50mm f/1.4 and forced myself to shoot with no other lens options.  I find that to be a good way of seeing new compositions when returning to a spot that I have visited often.  It was dusk and the light was fading fast.  I didn’t have my tripod with me, which was another way of forcing myself to shoot creatively.  I surprised myself with the number of keeper images from that trip.  I thought I would post this one featuring a Halloween pumpkin before the memory of the holiday is totally forgotten.   Daylight Savings Time ends tonight so now it will get dark an hour earlier.  Even LESS opportunity for late in the day photography.  I’m already counting the days until Spring!

Gone Shopping…or Maybe NOT!

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Hmmm…..signs are often interesting if you read them closely.  In this image you’ll see that the Marketplace has two floors of fine shops that sell gifts, antiques, foods, fine linens, jewelry, bath and body care products, etc.  BUT….were the items sold in the stores all a result of the escapades of the “Dumpster Diva”?  I don’t know about you, but I’m not so sure I want to buy food or body care items that potentially came from someone who was dumpster diving!  Eeeckkk!    I didn’t venture into the store, but I think I will next time I’m in town…I’ll bet there are more photo ops inside!  The same image with a watercolor effect is below.

72 Broadway

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Jim Thorpe, Pa. is filled with beautiful Victorian architecture.  Several years ago I photographed this exact same home and it ended up being part of a newspaper article that featured my photography.  What a surprise to run into a neighbor who told me that they owned several properties, this being one of them!  The house is beautifully maintained and decorated and is always eye-catching.  I photographed the home again recently and  processed this image with several layers of Topaz filters to achieve the effect I was after.

Big Creek Vineyards

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Big Creek Vineyards is a wine shop on Race Street in Jim Thorpe that seemed to be doing a brisk business when I wandered past the other day.  I was lucky this day….it was after 5:00 PM when I got into town….I found a parking space right by the train station where there are parking meters….and the meters don’t need to be “fed” after 5:00.  Whoo hoo!  The parking meters only take quarters and most often I don’t have quarters when I want to park there.  That results in either trying to find a free space way up the street or parking in the lot that charges for the day.  I processed this image with the Topaz Spicify filter, then tweaked back on the saturation a bit.

To Crop or Not To Crop

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I tend not to crop my images very often as I prefer to compose the scene as best I can in camera.  This image is an exception and I felt that cropping brought the focus to what I really liked about the scene -  the flower pots on the brick steps.  What I cropped out of the top of the image is the rest of the door.  The door had a wreath hanging on it that caused me to struggle to determine the focus … was it the wreath or the flower pots?   Once I cropped away the distraction, I was much happier with the shot.  I processed this one with a little Topaz Simplify.