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Doesn’t this porch look inviting?  A perfect spot to spend a summer afternoon with a good book and a glass of lemonade.  This scene is from “somewhere in Lancaster County, Pa.”.  I love to turn off the GPS and just drive without paying attention to where I am or where I’m going.  That’s when you come upon hidden treasures to photograph!

9213_PCC 2014

Back in the day, the hood ornament played a major role in my learning to drive.  (No, I wasn’t learning when THESE cars were on the road …. it was a “few” years later!)  When my dad took me out to practice on narrow winding country roads, he always told me not to take my half out of the middle of the road.  In order to help me determine if I were staying in the proper spot in my lane, he told me to try and keep the hood ornament in line with the line on the right edge of the road.  I imagine that it worked well enough, but I remember having trouble at first watching the hood ornament, the on-coming traffic, the road itself, the signs, etc.  Many of the cars at the Pottsville Car Cruise had hood ornaments and that reminded me of my days learning to drive a car.

9988_Jul 27 2014
These are homes (some still occupied) in the old mining village of Eckley, Pennsylvania.  The town was founded in 1854 and originally housed coal miners and their families so they would be in close proximity to the collieries.  At that time the population was about 1,000 people.  Today, less than 20.  The town has a museum and buildings open for tours during special events throughout the year.



It was a cold and blustery day today, but that is perfect weather for this Husky and his owner who were out for a walk in Historic Bethlehem, Pa.   In contrast to the days before Christmas, the streets of downtown Bethlehem were a little empty, even though the Christmas carols were still being played throughout the shopping district.  Everyone was inside the beautifully decorated stores or the elegant Hotel Bethlehem, trying to stay warm.  I must admit, I didn’t stay outside very long myself!  Brrrrr! 
[Note:  this image was processed with a bit of pastel and watercolor effect]

Today’s post is a little break from the doggie world.  Here’s an image of some pretty glassware that I thought was an interesting scene from a recent shopping excursion.  Processing included PhotoShop, Topaz and a texture layer.