Love This Breed!

My friend Steven Donahue is an awesome pet photographer whose work I greatly admire.  Take a moment and visit his website here:

Steve recently posted an image on Facebook of an airborne Pyrenean Shepherd going over the A-frame in an agility trial.  That image prompted me to search through my files for this photo from the Lebanon County Kennel Club Show in Harrisburg of a cute Pyrenean Shepherd who stopped to pose for me.  The history of this breed goes back centuries as a livestock herding dog in the Pyrenees mountains of Southern France.  They are a very active breed that loves their work and wants to be involved in all of your family activities!  I think they are simply adorable!  How can you not love those ears??!

Model Material

This dog is definitely model material.  I think she’s been in front of a camera a time or two.  Just look at that pose!  Now if only I could figure out if this is a Lowchen or Havanese.  Lowchen’s usually have a lion cut where their back end is shaved, so I’m thinking that this is a Havanese – especially since the fur at the paws is full.  Of course, I could be totally wrong…

Land Ho!

Yesterday I was out and about with the old point & shoot taking photos of some damage from a recent storm in the community.  My last stop was at the lake where I saw this boat cruising by with 3 pups on board.  At first I thought there were only 2, but turns out pooch number 3 was manning the starboard side in the back of the craft…see image below.  They looked like they were having a great time!

Do You Know This Breed?

I love going to dog and cat shows and having a chance to meet some of the more unusual breeds that you just don’t see every day!  For example, this sweet kitty is an American Curl.  Their ears curl back instead of standing up straight.  Interestingly, they are born with straight ears.  In 3-5 days after birth, the ears begin to curl back, gently unfolding like a rose petal, until they are completed curled at about 16 weeks.  This breed has a kitten-like personality.  They are loving, curious, and want to be with you all of the time!  I think they are just adorable!


I was editing my images from last month’s cat show and came across this one that caught my attention.  The kitty was being evaluated by the judge and I snapped the image just before he put his hands on the cat from behind.  I just had to add the caption!

Let’s Go For a Dip!

No, not a flea dip!  A dip in the pool!  This is my friend Kathy’s dog, Buns!  She’s a Yorkie-Poo who loves to swim in her little yellow backyard pool!  It’s filled with tennis balls and other toys that she can play with while she cools her paws in the water!  This is just another great idea for ways to keep your dog cooler on these hot summer days!  Buns has a unique ‘one ear up and one ear down’ look that I just love!  To see more images of Buns, go to: 

Toes and a Nose


When I left work today, it was 103 degrees outside at 6:15 PM.  At lunch time the steering wheel in my car was so hot that I had to hold it with a tissue.  Now THAT’S hot!  Too hot by my standards!  In keeping with the season and the extreme heat, I thought I’d continue to post images of ways to keep your dog (and yourself!) cool!  It’s so important to protect our pets from heat stroke.  In the top blog image, a woman is keeping her feetsies cool by going barefoot while her St. Bernard is covered with a cooling blanket.  They are shown again below just before ring time at the Chester Valley Kennel Club Dog Show in June.

Keeping Cool and Looking Cool

The temperatures this week in Pennsylvania are in the mid to upper 90’s with high humidity.  Is this what they call the “dog days of summer”?  Remember to keep your pets cool in this extremely warm weather.  The dog in the blog image is sporting a cooling blanket.  The blanket is dipped in cool water and then put around the dog to provide some welcome relief.  This cutie-pie Boston Terrier feels cooler and looks very cool, too!  I think that red is definitely his color!  :-)


The other day when I pulled into the driveway, I saw something brown run around the side of the garage.  When I peeked around the corner, I saw that it was a groundhog.  Today I saw the groundhog having lunch in my flower bed.  I think my pretty lilies are on the menu…..!  Here’s a photo from a week or so ago.  I may never see these again!  :-(

Just Being Nosey!

This Bullmastiff was confined to a soft-sided crate with a zip top opening.  The zipper was open and the dog’s owner was talking with friends nearby.  It was so cute to see the dog poking his head out of the top of the crate to see what was going on around him!  He didn’t want to be left out of any fun, that’s for sure!