Westminster Bound … Mojo

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The past weekend I had a chance to visit with Mojo [GCH Betlen Riegel The Magic Touch], the sweetest little Papillon, and his mom Nancy at the Lehigh Valley Kennel Club Match Show in Allentown, Pa.  Mojo competed in the obedience match on Saturday and took 4th place!  Congratulations little one!   Nancy and Mojo are excited to be headed to Westminster next month, so watch for him to turn heads in the Toy Group!  Thank you for all of the kisses Mojo!

What a Winner Looks Like

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This sweet little English Setter puppy was top dog at yesterday’s Lehigh Valley Kennel Club All-Breed Match Show in Allentown, Pa.  Not only did this cutie-pie win the title of Best Puppy in the Match but he/she also won overall Best in Match, beating out the Best adult which was a German Shepherd Dog.  I must say, this pooch looked like a pro in the ring!  This image shows him/her resting in the owner’s arms after winning Best Puppy and waiting for the final competition against the adult German Shepherd.  It was quite a day for this young pup!

February is a “LOVEly” month!

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It’s almost February….the month of loooove!  Did you know that February 20th is “Love Your Pet Day”?  At our house, every day is ‘love your pet day’, so I don’t really need a special holiday to shower my buddy Sebastian with love, toys, and treats.  He’s one cat that has it pretty darn good!  But, it’s nice to have a little reminder that we all need to give our pets some extra hugs and kisses and say thank you to them for all of the ways that they brighten our lives!

Westminster Bound…J-Clarke

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So many wonderful dogs are headed to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show next month….it’s shaping up to be quite an event!  Wish I were going, but Sebastian and I will be watching from home and cheering for our favorites!  One dog to watch is J-Clarke, a beautiful Welsh Springer Spaniel who I had the pleasure of photographing a couple of times last year.  In this image J-Clarke and his handler, Ryan, are just moments away from winning Best of Breed at The National Dog Show in November 2011. 

The Art of Making Friends

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Making friends in life should be as easy as it is for dogs at the dog park!  Just go to a park and observe the activity some time!  When a new dog enters the park, other dogs quickly go over to say hello.  All of the dogs play together and they don’t discriminate.  No one is left out…everyone gets in on the butt sniffing action!   Time at the park is meant for one thing – playing with your friends!  Wow – I wish we humans could interact as well without all of the jealousy, competition, and rudeness!  Let’s all vow to be more like our pets and get along with everyone, no matter what!  The blog image shows a cute little puppy learning the ropes at the park with his two favorite peeps!

In Sync

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You put your left paw in …. you put your left paw out … you put your left paw in … and you shake it all about!  You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around…that’s what it’s all about!  Can’t you picture this dog and handler doing the hokey pokey in the middle of the show ring?  Okay, maybe not, but they DO look like they are totally in sync as they trot around the ring together in front of the crowd at The National Dog Show!  When dog and handler are in sync, magic happens!


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Seriously…is this not the face of an angel?  So sweet and innocent looking!  If I came home and found pillow stuffing all over the floor, and this sweet little Cavalier was the only one at home, I would truly believe that aliens invaded my house and tore apart the pillow before I would ever blame this little one!  

Time for a Close Up

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I really work hard to keep my backgrounds from being too busy when I’m photographing.  Especially when it comes to pet photography.  I want all of the focus to be on the animal, with no distractions.  Sometimes it’s virtually impossible to do that, depending upon the setting – especially at dog shows when there are so many people, chairs, fences, and other animals.  One solution is to shoot with a very shallow depth of field so that even if the background is busy, it’s out of focus.  Another solution is to get really close to the main subject and eliminate the background as much as possible.  That was the choice in this image and it works for me!  I love the focused look of this dog! 

According to the Grocery Store…

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…it’s Spring!  Whoo hoo!  Yesterday they had potted hyacinths, tulips, daffodils, and bluebells!  It’s a good thing they don’t charge for sniffing the plants because I would be in trouble [and have a very large grocery bill because I was loving the fragrance!].  I guess it’s also a good thing they don’t charge for squeezing fruits and vegetables because I’d be in trouble for that, too!   I just had to bring home a little bit of springtime to put on my windowsill. I took a few photos with the Lensbaby while it was still bright enough.  Love these soft pastel colors!  Happy Spring a couple months early!  Spring officially begins on March 20th…..only 57 more days!  Time to start my countdown!  :-)

Lights Are On But Nobody’s Home

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On a snowy Saturday I had time to work on more of my images from Steel Stacks in Bethlehem, Pa.  Here’s an image taken at dusk of the lights near the old blast furnaces. 

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