Category: Flowers

Recently my Lensbaby Velvet 56 was focused on the soft curvy petals of a Gerbera Daisy.  I think I have given it too much water as the flowers are really droopy.  I need to let it dry out a bit before watering it again.  I will admit that I don’t have a very green thumb!

What a perfect Saturday afternoon in the park!  Sunshine, warm weather, good friends, and beautiful scenery!

The pond has been cleaned, the frogs have moved in for the summer, and the waterlilies will soon be blooming!  I love my little pond.  It’s nothing fancy, but it suits me just fine!

I’m a huge fan of soft focus flowers and I love my Lensbaby Velvet 56 for flower photography!  Today I found this Winky Blue and White Columbine at the Garden Center and just had to bring it home.  Columbine is one of my most favorite flowers!  Hopefully this little flower will find a new home in my garden for years to come!

Longwood Gardens is a heavenly place to spend a cold winter day!  Entering the conservatory after a brisk walk through the outdoor gardens is always a delight to the senses.  The warmth, vivid colors, and sweet fragrance of the flowers make my heart sing!  This is an image from the Acacia Passage inside the conservatory.  This time of year the feathery foliage of the Acacia leprosa trees in this walkway bloom with yellow flowers. This photo was taken in Spring but was equally as beautiful when the area featured these baskets of pink flowers.