Category: Fractalius

Snow Drops are probably the first flower that blooms in my garden each Spring.  They are tiny little things, just a couple of  inches high, and so photographing them pretty much requires  laying on the ground.  For this shot I used the Lensbaby Composer, Soft Focus Optic, a couple macro lenses, and no tripod.  I wasn’t crazy about the Snow Drop images as they were just ho-hum, but I decided to try the Fractalius filter on this one.  Now I’m really happy with it as it adds a glow that isn’t in the original shot.  Fractalius also darkened up the background which was out of focus brown, yet-to-be-raked,  leaves.   I wonder what will bloom in my garden next?

This image was shot during the height of the snowstorm this past week.   I photographed this scene in my yard using the Lensbaby Composer and soft focus optic, then converted it to black and white.  Finally I applied a Fractalius filter for a more artsy kind of look.  I’ll be happy to see flowers in my yard instead of snow…blah!  🙂