Category: Nature

The sunflower fields at sunset are magical!

The American Goldfinches were enjoying lunch in the sunflower field and snacking on the seeds from the flowers.  I enjoyed watching this adult male feed the juvenile and in between bites, they were singing such beautiful bird songs!

After the sunflower blooms die, the goldfinches take over and enjoy lunchtime in a field filled with seeds!  How wonderful to save the flowers for the birds instead of cutting them!

I don’t recall scooters being popular in my neighborhood when I was a kid.  My friends and I were more into bikes and roller skates … the old fashioned skates that fit over your shoes and had a key!  I always had boo boos on my knees from falling when learning to roller skate on the bumpy sidewalks!  Today I often see kids tooling around on scooters.  They look like fun and there are probably no training wheels required!  🙂

The photographer’s height can have a huge impact on a photograph.  For example … I am “vertically challenged” and have difficulty seeing down into the water lilies when they are in the center of the pond.  Unless they are tilted toward me, I would need a ladder to photograph the centers of these flowers.  A taller person may not have that issue at all.  If you are photographing in a group and people stand in front of you, being tall is a clear advantage when you can see and shoot over their heads.  Of course, the shorter folks are usually allowed to go in front … I like that!