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Constructed in 1761, The Tannery is located in the Colonial Industrial Quarter in Bethlehem, Pa.  Moravians used the building to turn hides into leather to support the community.  The building was sold and later converted into a multi-family residence in 1873.  I photographed this building early in the afternoon and again just before sunset and prefer the later in the day version when you can see the lights illuminated in the windows.

Think of how much the world has changed since the creation of e-mail!  In my younger years (much younger!), I had SO many pen pals from all around the world!  We hand wrote (or sometimes even typed on a typewriter) our letters, carried the envelopes to the post office (because they almost always needed extra postage due to the length of the contents!) and then waited ever so patiently to receive a letter in return.  It was a great treat to receive personal, hand written letters in the mail.  What a wonderful experience to share thoughts, experiences, hopes and dreams with friends I mostly had never met.  I am still in touch with many (Facebook friends, you know who you are!) and miss those days of hoping for envelopes with my name on to be delivered to our mailbox.  Somehow, even with the invention of e-mail, it is now so much more difficult to keep in touch.  With all of the technology that is supposed to help make things easier, there are still not enough hours in each day!

Whether you are inside looking out…or…outside looking in, the window displays in The Hotel Bethlehem (Bethlehem, Pa.) are always stunning at Christmas.

I love that point in the day just between sunlight and darkness when the lights are beginning to turn on in the city.  The glow from the lights adds so much warmth to photographs.  Both of these images are from Bethlehem, Pa., which is known as “The Christmas City”.  Wandering through the historic district is to take a step back in time.  The lamp posts are decorated with wreaths at Christmas and the Central Moravian Church on Main Street is a must-see stop on a walking tour of the city.


Doesn’t this porch look inviting?  A perfect spot to spend a summer afternoon with a good book and a glass of lemonade.  This scene is from “somewhere in Lancaster County, Pa.”.  I love to turn off the GPS and just drive without paying attention to where I am or where I’m going.  That’s when you come upon hidden treasures to photograph!