This is beautiful Sasha.  She’s a rescue from a shelter who is loving life in her forever home.  Every day, Sasha’s dad takes her to the lake.  She walks down the boat ramp and into the water up to her tummy.  Sasha isn’t swimming or chasing a tennis ball.  She just wants to stand in the water and watch the fish swimming around her.  Occasionally she will try to catch one, but for the most part, she just wants to see them.  What a sweet, gentle soul!


In my last post I mentioned that show cats often have a chance to play while on the judges table.  This sweet kitty was all about keeping both eyes on the dragonfly wand toy that the judge was holding.  My cats love toys…especially Brewster.  When he was first brought to the Siamese Cat Rescue Center, he had no clue what to do with a toy that was introduced to him.  Now, he’s a toy-aholic!  Catnip filled toys are his favorite.  We highly recommend fresh organic catnip toys handmade by Linda from The Catnip Cafe in Phoenixville, Pa.  Brewster and Savannah received two new toys from the show last weekend that are guaranteed not to fly under the refrigerator!  :-)


Ahhh, the kitten class at the show!  The kittens are my favorite class along with the Household Pet category!  See at a TICA cat show, all cats have a place in the show ring, not just pedigree cats!  I am often asked what a cat show is like compared to a dog show.  There are many similarities as the cats are compared to the standard for their breed, just like at a dog show.  But one of the best differences is that a cat show, the cats have opportunities to play while being judged.  Judges will often bring out toys to encourage the cats to be active, stretch and move around the table.  Judges will often cuddle, scratch and give kisses to the cats as well.  What cat can resist all of that love and attention?


I have so many images that I love from the Karousel Kats regional show last weekend that I have decided that this is CAT WEEK on the blog!  I’ve never met a cat that doesn’t enjoy a good scratch on a sisal post!  The first thing that Brewster and Savannah do when they wake up in the morning is stretch their legs and head for the scratching post!  Immediately after that they tell me, in no uncertain terms, that it is time for breakfast!


Everyone knows that the very best dog or cat is the one sitting next to you on the couch!  But, on this particular day, at this particular show, in this particular ring, with this particular judge, this Maine Coon was the best cat of the day!  (Karousel Kats show – Lancaster, PA)

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