I’m finally getting a chance to sort through some of my dog show images.  This is Boomer (MBISS GCH CH BRYNBAR TAMARACK SONIC BOOM JH), a beautiful Gordon Setter photographed at a show earlier this month.  Hope I have an opportunity to see more of this dog at the outdoor shows this season!


Leading lines are those elements that ‘lead’ your eye to a particular part of an image.  In this case, the path and fence draw my eye toward the buildings.  The first building that I notice is the lighter stone building as the eye naturally goes to the brightest area of a photo first.  For me, however, there are enough bright areas in this image (building, white picket fence, clouds, frames of windows) for my eye to scan the whole scene and not focus on just one area.  This was a beautiful spot for photography!


Brewster, Savannah and Gabriel are very active Siamese cats and their attention span is short.  They don’t sit still very long for photos.  I rarely see them together like this – close enough to capture all 3 in one image.  They were focused on the wand toy that I was holding and I snapped a very quick photo.  The reason for posting the image is to show their distinct pointed color patterns.  Savannah is a Seal Point Siamese.  She is warm brown in color with very dark brown points (tail, limbs, face and ears).  Brewster is a Blue Point Siamese.  His coat is more of a tan/gray color with darker tan/gray points.  Gabriel is a Lynx Point or Tabby Point Siamese.  He is cream in color with light tan points and stripes.  All 3 have blue eyes.  I must admit, they are all super cute.  They not only have distinct coloring, but they have different and unique personalities as well.


…May flowers, of course!  Even a rainy day in May is epic at the local garden center!  There are so many wonderful plants and flowers that I want to bring home for my garden!  I saw Mr. Groundhog in the front yard the other evening and so I don’t know how many flowers would survive once he finds out that the garden buffet is open for dinner!


I love to see all of the cool colored boots that make their way into dog show fashion after a little rain.  The owners and handlers who have to be outside showing their dogs are always very well prepared for whatever Mother Nature sends their way!  I’ve seen dogs wearing some pretty impressive boots to protect their paws as well!

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