Things Are Looking Up

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7329_Harrisburg Apr 2014
I need some dogs to photograph!



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The textures in this scene grabbed my attention …. stucco, wood, metal, chipping paint, etc.


Happy Hour

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This is another favorite image from the World War II Weekend in Reading, Pa. last month.  All of the participants in the re-enactment were “in character” throughout the day.  It was so much fun to photograph!



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This is a scene from the World War II reenactment last month in Reading, Pa.  Cafe patrons cover their ears while gunfire erupts outside … somewhere in Europe during WWII.


Until Morning…

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….when it’s time to say hello to the world again!


Forever at Sea

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8439_Point Pleasant 2014
This is my idea of a perfect way to spend a day …. being with friends and watching the waves roll in from the sea.


A Good Morning Indeed

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This is the first year that I’ve successfully grown Morning Glories – both from starter plants as well as seeds.  The rabbits have nibbled at the leaves, but the plants are still thriving.  Each morning I am greeted by these lovely pink and purple blossoms with delicate stems that twist around my metal trellis.


Photography Elbow

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6690_Harrisburg Apr 2014
I haven’t been to a dog show since mid-April due to what I call ‘photography elbow’.  My doctor diagnosed it as ‘tennis elbow’, but the pain was actually caused by lugging around my big camera and zoom lens and straining my arm.  Back in March/April I was extremely busy and photographed at events every weekend for 8-10 hours per day.  My elbow finally gave out and the pain prevented me from lifting my camera or anything with even a little bit of weight.  I wasn’t even able to pick up a 1/2 gallon jug of water.  After a few months of R&R, my arm is much better and I’m hoping to be back at the shows later this month or in August.  I miss all of my dog show friends and will see you all soon!  (This blog photo is from the Harrisburg, Pa. shows in April 2014)


Paws Crossed

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9491_Jun 2014

Brewster is definitely comfortable in his own skin…er, fur.  I love his little crossed paws as he peeks from behind an ottoman in this photo.  His cat face shaped fleecy bed from the Siamese Cat Rescue Center is right beside him.  Over the weekend he was sitting on the table about 2″ from the TV watching the tennis tourney at Wimbledon.  He was actually watching the ball go back and forth across the net.  It was hilarious!  His little head was moving as he followed the ball.  Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera nearby.


Learning to Type

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My dad had an Underwood manual typewriter that was very similar to this one.  He taught me how to type when I was very little.  I also took a class in summer school after 8th grade so that I would be able to type the reports that would be required in high school.  We learned on electric typewriters, not manual.  I will never forget typing to music in order to develop a rhythm so that we weren’t just ‘hunting and pecking’.  We typed to the beat of the music …. f f f   space  j j j   space   d d d   space   k k k, etc.   The class started out really well – everyone typing along in time to the music – but then the inevitable would happen.  Some of us would mess up and get out of sync and then the room sounded like a mess of random click click clicks.  We tried our hardest to catch up, but it was almost like the “I Love Lucy” episode with the chocolates coming down the conveyor belt…once you fall behind, you’re done!!  Did anyone else learn to type this way?  Ahhh…fond memories!


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