5318_Reading 2015

I am in LOVE with this little guy’s chubby cheeks!  How can you resist this adorable face?  This kitty was entered in the Household Pet category at the Lehigh Valley Cat Club show over the weekend.  So cute!

5453_Reading 2015
When I read the location of this year’s Lehigh Valley Cat Club show, I knew that candid photos would be a challenge.  The ballroom in the hotel where the show is held is very poorly lit.  Basically the lighting inside is just a few chandeliers and the lights above the judging tables.  Ugh!  Determined to see some gorgeous cats (and bring home new catnip toys for Brewster and Savannah), I went anyway and decided to photograph what I could and see what happened.  I had to shoot at ISO 6400 and f/2.8 to get any shots with my Canon 135mm lens, but it was fun and I do have some photos that I love, like this one!  (Dear Lehigh Valley Cat Club, please move to a different location next year!)


5031_Daffodil 2015

Daffodils symbolize rebirth and new beginnings.  They herald in the Spring season with a blast of color that transforms even the most dreary landscape!  It’s been a long wait, but they are finally here!  I have several varieties and am waiting to see if my pink and white ones make an appearance!  Time will tell….


Spring has been a long time coming.  I couldn’t wait to see flowers again in my garden.  Finally the earth is coming back to life!  Every evening after work I take a stroll through the garden to see what is new since the day before.  Today my daffodils are fully open and my tulips and hyacinth bulbs are well on their way.  Ah, Spring…..my favorite time of year!

4763_HKC Apr 2015

Carissa always gives her dogs lots of love in the ring … and they obviously show their love for her as well!   How cute is this image from the Harrisburg Kennel Club Show on Saturday?!

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