In A Row

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9988_Jul 27 2014
These are homes (some still occupied) in the old mining village of Eckley, Pennsylvania.  The town was founded in 1854 and originally housed coal miners and their families so they would be in close proximity to the collieries.  At that time the population was about 1,000 people.  Today, less than 20.  The town has a museum and buildings open for tours during special events throughout the year.


So YOU’RE the one?!

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0046_Jul 26 2014

NOW I know who has been nibbling on the plants in my garden!  This little fawn and his or her brother….along with mom, of course!  All 3 were in my yard having brunch on Sunday!  How could I ever get upset with a critter this adorable?  I’m off to buy more plants……!  :-)


Day Lily

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Why is there a part of me that still believes I can go out in the yard to photograph and not be eaten alive by bugs?  You would think I’d have learned by now that it’s not humanly possible!


Wash Day

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0021_Jul 27 2014


My parents did not have a clothes dryer.  All of the laundry was hung outside on the wash line to dry.  During winter and wet weather, we used wash lines in the basement.  I will always remember shaking the laundry in the summer before bringing it in the house to make sure there were no critters coming along for the ride.  Seeing this makeshift clothes line reminded me of the good old days when every yard had a wash line and the clothes came off the line hardly wrinkled and smelling fresh!

Preserving the Past

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0016_Jul 27 2014

What to do, what to do?  Black and white or color?  I went with black and white for this image despite the variety of colors in the fruits, vegetables, and patterned jar lids.



My Neighbor’s Garden

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9876 Summer 2014
I’ve tried to grow coneflowers on several occasions without success.  My next door neighbors, however, have lovely blooms alongside their driveway.  Hope they don’t mind that I visited to photograph them!


Things Are Looking Up

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7329_Harrisburg Apr 2014
I need some dogs to photograph!



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The textures in this scene grabbed my attention …. stucco, wood, metal, chipping paint, etc.


Happy Hour

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This is another favorite image from the World War II Weekend in Reading, Pa. last month.  All of the participants in the re-enactment were “in character” throughout the day.  It was so much fun to photograph!



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This is a scene from the World War II reenactment last month in Reading, Pa.  Cafe patrons cover their ears while gunfire erupts outside … somewhere in Europe during WWII.


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