In yesterday’s post I showed an image of this handler and dog and asked if you could guess which breed it is based on just seeing the paws.  Guesses on Facebook included Pug, Corgi, and Shiba Inu.  Those of you who thought it was a Pug were “Pawsatively” correct!  Here’s the cute pug mug that goes along with those sweet paws!


Comfy cozy in dad’s arms!  What breed do you think this is?  Any guesses?  This image is from the Delaware County Kennel Club Show in York, Pa. last year.  The 2015 event is right around the corner…I can’t wait!


Lancaster County, Pennsylvania offers a glimpse into the simpler way of life of the Amish.  The contrasts in lifestyle within this part of the state are eye opening.  Do we really need all of the technology that most feel are necessary today?  When you take a step back and look, REALLY look, at the world you live in (minus all of the man-made distractions), you can appreciate even the coldest and snowiest of winter days and the beauty that is all around.


Icicles hang from the roof, the ground is covered with snow, and the temperature is barely above zero.  BUT….it won’t be TOO long before dogs, owners, breeders, handlers …. and photographers (!) are enjoying outdoor shows again!  If I can’t see green grass when I look out of my window, I can at least enjoy reviewing some photos from last summer!  This image is from the Westchester Kennel Club show in Bridgewater, NJ – September, 2014.

5148_Edison 2014

Congratulations to all Westminster winners, especially Larry Cornelius and “Charlie” (GCH CH Cragsmoor Goodtime Charlie) on their
Reserve Best in Show!!

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