This is one of my favorite images from the Keystone Dock Dogs event in Bethlehem, Pa. earlier this summer.   What a great looking dog and how nice that the toy is color coordinated!

A sweet moment in the Group ring with Angela Lloyd and Great Pyrenees, GCH Rivergroves The Name of the Game, “Peyton”.
(Lehigh Valley Kennel Club, September 16, 2017)

The sunflower fields at sunset are magical!

The American Goldfinches were enjoying lunch in the sunflower field and snacking on the seeds from the flowers.  I enjoyed watching this adult male feed the juvenile and in between bites, they were singing such beautiful bird songs!

After the sunflower blooms die, the goldfinches take over and enjoy lunchtime in a field filled with seeds!  How wonderful to save the flowers for the birds instead of cutting them!

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