I had an unexpected adventure today.  Mom came home from work a little bit early and, after giving me kisses, put me into the big carrier and in the car we went.  I don’t like the carrier or the car.  They make me think of the time I was moved from where I was living in the park, to the rescue center, and then back and forth to the doctor a bunch of times, and then that really long car ride when I came to my forever home.  It was a scary time, but life is great now that I have a real home and know that I am loved.  Mom took me to the doctor today because I needed to have my anal sacs expressed…whatever that means.  I cried all the way to the doctor and then in the waiting room, too, because I was scared.  The Vet Techs were nice and I was a very brave kitty, even though I didn’t like being there.  It only took a few minutes and then we were back in the car and home in no time.  Whew…..and I thought I was just going to have a nice lazy day of snoozing and watching the birdies from my favorite spot on the windowsill.
— Purrs, Brewster


It’s been one of the warmest summers on record and there are still plenty of flowers blooming even though the calendar tells us it is Fall.  I’m really going to miss all of this color when the landscape turns gray and somewhat gloomy.  But first, I must take time to enjoy summer’s last hurrah and the explosion of Fall color that is right around the corner!


Ghost signs or “brickads” are advertisements that were painted on brick walls of buildings and very common in the decades before The Great Depression.  Here’s one for Horlacher Beer that I came across while traveling through rural Pennsylvania.  The Horlacher Brewing Company of Allentown, Pa. began in 1897, shut down during prohibition, reopened in 1933, and eventually closed in 1978.   The paint may be chipping and the weeds growing high, but ghost signs can still be found if you look for them.


I have so many places that I want to photograph, but I’m always waiting for a nice bright overcast day. Unfortunately, this summer has had very few days without sun. The light at the Lehigh Valley Kennel Club show on Saturday morning was wonderful.  No sun glare, no intense shadows … just nice even light for photographing the dogs.  I love the sweet expression of this Irish Red & White Setter.  This is one of my favorite shots of the day!



A kiss for the PBGV (Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen) after the Owner-Handler Group judging at the Lehigh Valley Kennel Club show on Saturday.  I just love this spunky breed!


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