Conga Anyone?

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This past weekend, Mack Pool in Allentown, Pa. held their annual Doggie Dip Days.  Each year the pool goes to the dogs just before they are ready to close for the season!  The weather was ideal and there were dogs galore all taking a dip and having a blast!  In this photo, it was Conga time for dog and owner in the shallow end of the pool.  Can’t you just hear the conga music playing in the background?


Big Air

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9607KDD 2014


The dogs were making a splash at the Keystone Dock Dogs event this weekend at Cabela’s in Hamburg, Pa.  I loved seeing this Husky in the Big Air competition.  In Big Air, the dogs run from anywhere on a 40′ dock and jump into the water after a toy.  The place where their tail set breaks the water surface is measured for distance jumped.  There were some high flying dogs in today’s competition!

Back in the Day

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9213_PCC 2014

Back in the day, the hood ornament played a major role in my learning to drive.  (No, I wasn’t learning when THESE cars were on the road …. it was a “few” years later!)  When my dad took me out to practice on narrow winding country roads, he always told me not to take my half out of the middle of the road.  In order to help me determine if I were staying in the proper spot in my lane, he told me to try and keep the hood ornament in line with the line on the right edge of the road.  I imagine that it worked well enough, but I remember having trouble at first watching the hood ornament, the on-coming traffic, the road itself, the signs, etc.  Many of the cars at the Pottsville Car Cruise had hood ornaments and that reminded me of my days learning to drive a car.


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1220_Hunterdon Hills 2014
The best Terrier of the day at the Hunterdon Hills Kennel Club show in NJ earlier this month was the Kerry Blue, “GCH Class Act By Hallsblu”, a.k.a. “Jack”.


Reflecting the Past

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9194_PCC 2014
I love it when the car show comes to town and I have a chance to do some graphic photography.  The lines, the colors, and in this case, the nearby buildings reflected across the back of the car!


The Wildly Popular, “Trader”

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7615_Trader_Harrisburg Apr 2014

Trader and his entourage have been racking up a good number of Best in Show’s this year – congrats to all!  Hopefully I will catch up with them at a show soon.  It’s been too long!

A Riot of Color

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1323_Grass 2014
I love this perennial grass that I planted in my garden last month.  It has beautiful purple and white feathery plumes.  I photographed it this evening with the Lensbaby 3G and a soft focus filter.  LOVE this effect and the rainbow of color as a result of some day lilies in the background.


A Happy Smile

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1206_Hunterdon Hills 2014

I love a dog with a great smile.  Oh heck, I love all dogs – smile or no smile!  :-)


Soft, Soft, Soft

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9918_Coneflower 2014

My very favorite lens for macro flower photography is the Lensbaby.  I still love the 3G model with the macro attachments and soft focus filter for nature photos.  What this lens can do to soften the background is amazing!  Thank you Jim and Michelle for letting me “borrow” your coneflowers!

A Great Light Kind of Day

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0909_HunterdonHills 2014

What’s the best light for dog show photography?  Bright overcast.  Sun is definitely not your friend when it comes to outdoor pet photography.  Yesterday dawned cloudy with a threat of showers, but the rain held off and the light made for super nice photos at the dog show.  There are still the challenges faced by shooting both under a tent where there is less light and out in the open rings, so the need to change settings frequently is a way of life, but I couldn’t have been happier with yesterday’s weather.


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