Rufus and His Peeps

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7762_Oct 2014
I had a wonderful photo shoot last weekend with Spinone Italiano, “Rufus”, and his awesome family!  We set out early Sunday morning in search of Fall color and nice light.  We photographed indoors and out, in multiple locations and Rufus was a great sport through it all.  Last time I spent time with this boy was when he was just a puppy.  My how he has grown!  He’s now 105 lbs. and such a sweet and lovable dog!  Here he is sharing hugs with Myla.


Double the Fun

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What’s better than having a dog to love and care for every day?  Well, having two, of course!


A Top Pick

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Several times over the past few days I’ve been asked what breed I would have if I were to adopt a dog.  Wow…what a very tough decision that would be for me!  I love SO many breeds!  I think that I could narrow it down to a breed from the Toy or Sporting Groups.  I love the idea of a small dog but my most favorite breeds are sporting dogs….spaniels and retrievers.  The Welsh Springer Spaniel would definitely be a top consideration!  I love their happy personalities, beautiful long coats, and the fact that they love to be with their people!  (This image was taken at the Gloucester Kennel Club show on Saturday, Oct. 18, 2014 in Buena, NJ)



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Peeking out from between dad’s legs at the Gloucester Kennel Club show in Buena, NJ on Saturday…..


As White As Snow

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I couldn’t resist filling the frame with this Samoyed close up at yesterday’s show in Buena, NJ.  (Gloucester Kennel Club)  What a sweet face!

Watching the Clouds Drift By

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In between a rainy morning and late afternoon sun there was a brief period of time when the clouds were changing quickly at the lake.  There was a slight breeze which created ripples on the water, yet the reflection was still pretty intense.  The Fall color was just a bonus!


Falling for Fall

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Late afternoon sun splashes onto the trees at a local wildlife refuge this past weekend.  The air was perfectly still which resulted in crisp reflections on the water.  I’m a fan of perfectly still water for reflections, but I also love the colorful ripples that occur when there is a slight breeze in the Fall air.  When you see color like this, any weather condition is just about perfect for photography!



Galoshes Weather

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4001LVKC 2014

Rainy days are made for sunshiny yellow galoshes!  Doesn’t this pup look adorable?  Very stylish indeed!  We had over 3.60″ of rain in my neck of the woods today and it’s still coming down!  It’s a good day to stay inside where it’s warm and cozy and our pets will keep us company!  Oh, a nice bowl of hot soup would be perfect, too!


Read to me, Dad

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 ”Tuesday” listens as Luis Montalván reads from their book, “Until Tuesday:  A Wounded Warrier and the Golden Retriever Who Saved Him”, at the Hershey Public Library last month.   Their book details Luis’ experiences during multiple tours of duty in Iraq and the resulting emotional and physical effects that he lives with each and every day.  Enter Tuesday, a lovable Golden Retriever trained since he was 3 days old to be a service dog.  Tuesday endured challenges of his own during his 2 years of training, but when he and Luis met, they were a perfect match for one another. Their other book, “Tuesday Tucks Me In”, is a heartwarming children’s story that is written from Tuesday’s point of view and describes the bond they share as they go about their day.  I highly recommend both books and suggest that you take a peek at their event schedule here:   If Luis and Tuesday are in your area, I urge you to stop by and meet them.  Their story is one of love, devotion and mutual respect.  Happy Tuesday everyone!




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The past few days my inbox has been filled with blessings and happy news as well as sadness.  I’ve shed tears for both and always find that being out in nature calms my soul.  I spent some time over the weekend enjoying the colorful foliage which included this reflection of trees in the lake.  It’s so important to spend time with those you love as much as possible.  All of those things that we think we must accomplish (but aren’t really all that important!) can wait because life is fleeting.


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