After about 10 years of photographing snow geese at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, I think I have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the geese.  Each and every visit, however, provides new surprises!  This year I’m photographing on a tripod with a Gimbel pan head which I have only had for several months.  It’s taking some getting used to, but is saving my back from the endless pain of holding a heavy camera and lens for hours.  Being able to react quickly has been the biggest challenge.  On Saturday, the snow geese were on the lake and started to make a lot of noise, which typically happens when they are thinking about taking to flight.  Often a bald eagle causes the whole group to blast off en masse.  On this day, however, it was a quick fly over by a Great Blue Heron that created all of the ruckus!  I was able to track the bird and focus quickly enough for a photo or two!  A treat to be sure!


Another day … another 75,000 snow geese to photograph!  One of my favorite sights during the migration is watching the snow geese land on the water or ice (without crashing into one another!).  Their little orange feet come down and they land with such grace!  On this day, the sun was shining brightly in the early afternoon of my visit.  The largest number of photographers and bird enthusiasts seems to be toward dusk when more and more snow geese make their way to the lake to roost for the night.  Unfortunately, as the day grew long, the clouds rolled in and hopes for photographing birds at sunset was lost.  Still the soft light as the sun fell behind the clouds made for beautiful coloring on the water.

Note to self … never pass up the opportunity to spend the day with 70,000+ of your favorite snow geese!  The migration is AMAZING to see and hear in person.  If you have the chance, don’t miss it!  The time is now and the place is Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area in Kleinfeltersville, Pa.

I made a short visit to Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area on Saturday.  With rain in the forecast for the afternoon, I knew it would be a quick visit.  The estimate for the day was 50,000 snow geese and they were very active as 4-6 bald eagles were in the vicinity looking for lunch!  Everyone waits for the geese to take to flight en masse and they did not disappoint!  With that many geese flying overhead, it’s inevitable that you will be subject to falling poop.  It happened to me and a couple friends yesterday.  Yuck!

It was a dark and stormy day…..!  Okay, well maybe not dark, but definitely stormy!  It started with snow at daybreak which later changed to sleet and now is mostly rain which is freezing on the trees and probably everything else (a.k.a. roads!).  I was home from work (snow day!) and spent a little time photographing birds in the garden … along with some icy trees!  This year there are many trees (maples, oaks?) that have not lost all of their leaves, which adds a nice touch of color to the otherwise drab winter landscape.

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