I’ve been trying to get to a car show all summer and finally made it this weekend!  I love photographing all of the vivid colors, dramatic shapes and patterns of the old cars!


I’ve been to cat shows at this location many times and so I’m well aware of how terrible the lighting is for photography.  It’s a dimly lit ballroom in a hotel with windows and blinds that are almost always closed.  Deplorable conditions for trying to photograph moving animals.  Still, it’s next to impossible for me to go and NOT take a camera along.  I know the capability of my Canon 7D and various lenses, but this time I decided to take my Sony ‘point ‘n shoot’ just to see how it would handle this challenging lighting situation.  It has the equivalent of up to a 600 mm lens, and I love having that versatility, but it focuses slower than is necessary for animal photography.

This post shows a few images of TICA (The International Cat Association) judge, Fate Mays, handling a Maine Coon (top image) and a Sphinx (hairless breed) in the show ring.  I’m often asked to describe a cat show and I think the bottom image gives a good idea of what you would see if you attended.  Rings with cages holding cats surround a judging table with seats out in front for owners and spectators.  The judge brings each cat out one by one and examines them – sometimes describing the breed traits and characteristics.  Ribbons are awarded for color, division and breed.  I must say, this hotel does have the most comfortable chairs of any show that I have attended!  This image makes the show room look much brighter than it actually was.  Next time there is a cat show in your area – check it out!  You can view show schedules at www.tica.org or www.cfa.org




Birds are so industrious!  Seeing the intricate nests that they build for their babies always amazes me.  I had a wonderful class in college called “Biology of Birds” that developed my interest in birds, their habitats, migration patterns, nesting habits, and even their specific calls.  I still maintain my “life list” of species that I’ve seen and it would be so much fun to try and add a photo of each species to that list.  If you have any favorite Pennsylvania birding locations, please share as I’d love to get out and do more bird photography!


I’m not sure who determines these things, but today is apparently “Black Cat Appreciation Day” – a day to celebrate and raise awareness about black cats.  Sadly, black cats are often thought to be bad luck and, therefore, remain in shelters without the chance for a forever home.  In many cultures, however, black cats are considered good luck!  Next time you are looking to add a furry feline to your family, please consider adopting a black kitty like this one!


The colors of the landscape change dramatically as the sun rises on the horizon.  This image was taken much earlier than the one from yesterday’s post that had an orange tone from the already risen sun.  In today’s photo, the sun had not yet become visible and the water was reflecting the blue, pink, orange and purple hues of the sky.  Gosh, I should get out with my camera this early more often!  It was so pretty and peaceful.  I love being the only person on the beach at this time of day!

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