The lavender farm was teeming with photographers who were posing families, babies, friends … you name it … with the flowers!  I saw a woman with a toddler and she was carrying this chair into the field with a plan in mind to photograph the baby seated in the chair right smack dab in the middle of the lavender plants.  Before the little girl was brought into the scene, I took advantage of the few seconds that I had to grab a shot of just the empty chair and the flowers.  I was shooting with a 70-200mm lens and this was probably shot at 200mm, thus the out of focus flowers in the foreground, which I love!  This is my favorite image from the evening in the garden!

Summer is in full swing!  While I don’t enjoy the heat and humidity, I do love having the opportunity to photograph all of the colorful flowers!

A favorite spot to photograph at Peace Valley Lavender Farm is the area where the bunches of cut lavender are hanging to dry.  The fragrance of dried lavender can last as long as 15 years.  I have a sachet in the car and all I need to do is squeeze it a little and the lavender fragrance fills the air!  It’s one of those fragrances that I just can’t get enough of … just like lilacs and honeysuckle!

I always hope for nice clouds on days when I am photographing landscapes or seascapes.  A plain blue or grey sky doesn’t add much interest to a photo.  On this day as I was headed to the lavender farm, the clouds caught my attention all by themselves.  Who doesn’t love watching the clouds and looking for shapes?  These cloud formations remind me of curling waves at the top and foamy sea water at the bottom so I had to photograph them just because.  Maybe I’ll start a new collection of images called “cloudscapes”!

Here’s a fun series of images from the Extreme Vertical competition with Keystone Dock Dogs at Codorus Blast 2017.

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