Alyssa is the lead giraffe keeper at Animal Adventure Park and chief caretaker of April, Oliver and baby Tajiri.  AAP made news earlier this year when they launched a webcam to monitor and record April’s pregnancy and the birth of Tajiri.  So many people watched in anticipation of Tajiri’s birth.  When I visited the park last week, Alyssa was on hand and explained that the reason for the webcam was to provide education regarding the giraffes being an endangered species.  It is so sad to think that the numbers of these beautiful animals are dwindling.  In this image, dad Oliver is on the left and mom April on the right.  Both are looking to swipe that carrot right out of Alyssa’s hand!

It started to rain a bit while I was visiting Animal Adventure Park last weekend.  April and her 6 month old baby, Tajiri, went into the giraffe barn until the rain stopped a few minutes later.  Tajiri is 10 feet tall and weighs over 500 pounds.  It was great fun watching mom, April, and dad, Oliver, interact with their little guy!

Just like the bumble bee, I’m hanging on with dear life to the last blossoms of summer.  Oh how I miss the bright vivid colors of nature during the gray days of winter!
(Lensbaby Velvet 56)

Now that temperatures are a little bit cooler, Brewster is sporting his Fall sunflower and pumpkin scarf.  Only for photos, of course!

This is one of my favorite images from the Keystone Dock Dogs event in Bethlehem, Pa. earlier this summer.   What a great looking dog and how nice that the toy is color coordinated!

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