Here’s another image from last week’s visit to Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge.  I love seeing all of the shorebirds that are so different from what we see in the mountains of Pennsylvania!  This one looks like a sandpiper, but not sure which one – there are many!

The Raymond Pool at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge had many Great Blue Herons and Great Egrets wading in the shallow water when I visited.  It was a treat to be able to watch their behavior and photograph them both in the water and in flight.

It took me a little while to ID this bird above, but I’m pretty sure it’s the female Red Winged Blackbird.  She looks nothing like her male counterpart pictured below that has the red epaulets .  I love how she’s straddling the branches that have new Spring buds on them.  These images are from Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Delaware.  Red Winged Blackbirds are great singers!

I was so excited to visit Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge for the first time over the weekend.  Bombay Hook is in Delaware, is a nationally recognized birding spot along the Atlantic flyway, and is a refuge and breeding ground for birds and other wildlife.  It is the most wonderful place!  Mostly tidal salt marsh mixed with upland habitat, the refuge attracts birders from across the country!  I added a few species to my life list and the weather could not have been more perfect for an afternoon of birding and photography!  I will definitely be going back and hopefully will see more wading birds like this Great Blue Heron!

I found a subtle sign of Spring in my garden last weekend.  These tiny Crocus’ popped through last Fall’s leftover leaves to add some color to the otherwise drab winter scenery.

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