Christmas Photo Outakes


Brewster and Savannah have been accustomed to being photographed since the moment they came home with me.  I am, after all, a photographer and they are, after all, adorable!  Wearing festive attire, however, is not one of their favorite activities.  We began the holiday photo shoot early enough this year, but as yet have not come close to a card worthy image.  Here they are fussing over Savannnah’s decorative collar.  They were intrigued by the bells and chased one another around the house trying to escape them.  More holiday photo outtakes to come……stay tuned!



This is one of my new favorite photos.  It’s features a hairless breed of cat called The Sphynx.  This breed has only been in existence since 1966 when a black and white cat gave birth to a hairless kitten in Canada.  Their skin is very soft and most are not completely hairless, but have a fine down that covers the skin and some hair on the nose and ears.  They come in a variety of colors including solid, particolor, tabby, and tortoiseshell.  I just love their HUGE ears!

National Dog Show – Herding Group (Saturday)

0078_NDS 2014

Images from the National Dog Show Presented by Purina – Herding Group – from Saturday, November 15, 2014 are published on my online gallery website.  Here’s a link:

Note that I haven’t published every image, so if you would like to see additional photos of any particular dog, please contact me.

First Snow


The first snow of the season usually involves some drama.  There are the folks who say “Hooray, snow!  Bring it on!”  Then there is the “Ugh, snow – how many months until Spring?” crowd.  Some of us think it’s beautiful while others think it’s just an annoyance.  I’m generally on the “How many months until Spring” side of the fence, but I do enjoy photographing at least the first snowfall nonetheless!  These two images were taken in my backyard last week and edited with Topaz Impression to add a painting effect.  I love the dark evergreen trees combined with the oak leaves that are still hanging on despite the winter cold.  Today we had a little more snow along with sleet and freezing rain!  Winter is definitely upon us, despite what the calendar says.  Enjoy nature’s ever-changing beauty!