These are a few of my favorite things …. bird houses, lanterns, anything patriotic, stars, and plants!  I would love to have a porch filled with these decorative items!

This is English Springer Spaniel, “Duck” making his first jump into the pool at the Keystone Dock Dogs event at Steel Stacks in Bethlehem, PA several weeks ago.  It took a lot of encouragement from the handler to convince Duck to take a leap into the water.  The crowd was cheering him on, but on the first several attempts, time expired and he never got wet.  The dogs have one minute of time between when they set foot on the dock until they are in motion.  You can see the huge smile on the handler’s face as Duck finally decides that he’ll jump into the pool!  Hooray Duck!!  Fast forward a couple weeks to Codorus Blast and Duck jumped 13′ 11″ in the Big Air finals for Juniors at Lake Marburg.  Duck is SO adorable!

A kiss after a great jump in Extreme Vertical at Codorus Blast on Saturday.

There is still time to get out to Codorus Blast today (near York, Pa) to see the Keystone Dock Dog event.  There are Big Air and Speed Retrieve waves running throughout the day.  I had a fun time photographing these athletic dogs on Friday and Saturday and I will say that photographing dogs that move this fast is one of the toughest things I have ever photographed.  You have to follow the dog running on the dock, anticipate the height they will achieve as they jump, continue moving the camera as they splash into the water and keep everything in focus all at the same time.  I hope for a few good images after shooting thousands of frames!  This is an early favorite as I’m downloading my memory cards today.

My favorite week in the garden is right now … when the honeysuckle is in full bloom.
Oh so fragrant!

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