What’s In Bloom

This afternoon I spent a little while photographing the flowers in my garden.  My most favorite, Honeysuckle, is in bloom and the fragrance in the garden is delightful!  With the mild winter and lots of rain we’ve had this spring, my flowers are blooming better than ever!  The Honeysuckle is starting to fade, so I wanted to snap a few images before it is too late.  When I came back in the house, I turned on the computer and visited some of my favorite blogs.  I found a beautiful post by my friend, Sam Gray, featuring a Honeysuckle.  Check out his post here and be sure to visit his photo blog often – his work is amazing:  http://designbysamgray.com/blog/2012/06/09/sweet-smelling-honeysuckle/
Below are some more images of “What’s In Bloom” currently in my garden:  Clematis, Daisy and Spirea.

One thought on “What’s In Bloom

  • Sam Gray

    Hi Betsy,
    Thanks for the glowing shout out…I may have a swelled head the rest of the year. Really enjoy your dog portraits, your love of animals really shows.

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